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Boots Cbd Oil – Global Clubfoot Initiative Cbd Oil And Migraines boots cbd oil Relieve Anxiety, vape cbd oil effects. Shao Yun, who was looking around, came to him, his expression trembled When looking to purchase CBD, the prestigious UK health retailers, Boots and Holland and Barrett are great places to start. People all over the world are hungry for products containing cannabidiol, short for CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant

Boots Cbd Oil – Global Clubfoot Initiative

Cbd Oil And Migraines boots cbd oil Relieve Anxiety, vape cbd oil effects.

Shao Yun, who was looking around, came to him, his expression trembled slightly on his dull face, and patted Shao Yun vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil s face.

What Shaoyun remembers the most is the noon harvest season, pulling the nine toothed rake and raking the wheat in the harvested wheat fields.

This sentence is not only for Han Chongyang and Yun Qinxi.

In winter, large reeds were cut, tied into bundles and brought home, some liked to be tied into curtains, and some were woven into mats for money.

Li Tianlan s flickering sword intent moving between reality and Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil fantasy boots cbd oil has the power to tear the world apart.

If I own this agate ring, I can boots cbd oil boots cbd oil accurately boots cbd oil predict the coming Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil of how much to buy 100 ml of cbd oil danger.

Chaos can hardly focus all boots cbd oil his attention on one place, he must pay attention to Eastern Europe boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil Perhaps as Angel said, up to now, Chaos has not even figured out who is the key player in the chaos in Eastern Europe.

Yang Guliu is a person Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil who can urinate anywhere regardless of male or female occasions.

After all, after so many years, both the well water boots cbd oil and the river water are not.

Well, Dad, I will study hard and not cause trouble.

The glacier, which had been torn apart by vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil the aftermath Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects of the fight between several great masters, slammed into the palm vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil print.

At this time, they were cbd oil wagga wagga also worried, and they thought it was the real enemy from Tianyi Pavilion.

After only eating two sweet potatoes and two bowls of pea porridge in the morning, after walking boots cbd oil so far, Shaoyun s hungry belly rumbled.

Earth. Minhui heard Shaoyun say that boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca Yang Liansheng still remembered this, and hurriedly reassured Shaoyun.

The other person s physique where to buy cbd daily intensive cream Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil is a bit shocking, because his body type is at least 200 pounds and almost 300 pounds.

Doctor, doctor, save them quickly He ran all the way, and as boots cbd oil soon as he arrived at the door Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil of the hospital, Shaoyun cried out for help, his tired legs were weak, his body was boots cbd oil covered in sweat, and his cotton padded clothes were all sticking to his body.

Qingfengliuyun, who cbd gummies in pennsylvania is not good at frontal attack, also burst out with all essential oils that thin blood his strength.

Ye boots cbd oil Fan, let me introduce these four seniors to you Through Lin Mu s introduction, Ye Fan learned the real names and identities of these four people.

It seemed that the lack of regret in front of him did not arouse much interest in him.

Only Shen Wuming s nervous drooling voice could be heard.

In the first class, the election of the class leader was completed, and the get out of class was dismissed soon after the textbooks were distributed.

Then boots cbd oil I ll go get it. The workbook is on the table.

Qian Honghongyi Seeing Shaoyun sitting down, he quietly told him.

But does cbd oil help tremors Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects the situation is also spiraling out of control.

Looking at the tasteless light meal, Qian Honghong hurriedly took a few sips and returned to her bedroom in frustration.

The current battle really belongs to the younger generation, and they should also boots cbd oil Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil provoke this responsibility and protect the world.

Dihu is the lake that connects the southern half of boots cbd oil the patio lake.

As for Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil this foreign language quiz, she has basically never dabbled in this kind of book.

I asked them to follow me over the wall, vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil we Three representatives from Class 11 participated in the Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil competition.

For Genuine boots cbd oil this reason, he put his youth in a cell. Grief is a right in life, it is not easy to come boots cbd oil by, and it boots cbd oil is worth cherishing boots cbd oil forever.

Every question can be said to be the secret boots cbd oil of boots cbd oil the Beihai Wang family.

The pigs raised by Yang boots cbd oil Zuliao ran away With a sound, Yang Guliu, who was about to step into the house just now, ran back.

Master, please tell me. Tomorrow will be held every five years.

The flowers and warblers are reflected in the deep shadows, and the green boots cbd oil fans of the southern fields disappear.

The old man is old, but still confident. Li Tianlan laughed, his eyes gradually becoming relaxed and cbd oil for pain that will not cause me to fail a drug test warm.

With boots cbd oil Shaoyun s footsteps, he can arrive early in the day.

Brother, hurry down and have a look, it looks like there are two people.

The boots cbd oil pink and tender Ling boots cbd oil lips opened and closed for a long time, but Jingru the benefits of cbd oil could not Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil make a sound because she became shy.

The classmate lost his temper sternly. The classmate on the wall saw the two classmates who went down were reprimanded by the dean of the school, Mr.

Uncle Leiqi is a strange man in boots cbd oil the village. vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil He can play the what are people made out of erhu, can speak ancient books, well tolerated is honest, honest, and warm hearted.

At that time, if they were discovered by them, they would boots cbd oil steal the chicken instead boots cbd oil of losing the rice.

Because he was a premature baby when he was a child, the problem of wetting boots cbd oil the bed has boots cbd oil always been a problem for his family.

It s just that Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects the Thunder Army suffered heavy casualties in the war when the boots cbd oil top five forces invaded the border in more than three years, and was handed over to the Dongcheng family.

Shaoyun and Jingru looked at each other, and they both came to the door together, what is hemp seed oil knocked on the door, and the boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca door opened automatically, and the old man was facing him.

With a long mouth, she looked around, and then Sa Huan Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil er ran into the stack of wheat straw, arching the hay stack frantically.

I would like boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca to see how you can deal with such a crisis this time.

I ve finished reading the book. Thank you for your book.

The fire man s clenched fists trembled slightly.

his eyes have been staring at you. And he also clenched the sword in his hand, as if he wanted to draw a sword against you all the boots cbd oil time.

Because Ye Fan s growth made him feel nervous and excited.

At the same time, Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects Ye Fan was really regarded as his opponent in his heart.

Don t mention Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil how distressed that disciple is at this time, my dear, is my luck so good today Could it be that the first person drew this vape cbd oil effects monster Originally, I was thinking of being able to mix a few more rounds, but it seems that this is boots cbd oil the first time I will sprectrum number eliminate myself.

This scene is really too tragic. The goddamn gang from Tianyi Pavilion will play such rude tactics whats the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum cbd It is still in the truce period, and they have already started it.

When the autumn food is sold, Mom will give it to you, don t fall off.

After the meeting, God knows how much pressure the diplomacy and military of Central Continent will bear.

Hearing the voice, Shao Yun suddenly put down boots cbd oil his fear.

The representative of the mathematics class was Lin Chao, who answered eight questions, Ji Xiaoqing seven questions, Liang Heng, Qian Honghong, Lily six questions, end.

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Just under the boots cbd oil rain, Shaoyun looked up. Guzi boots cbd oil Aiya, you scared me to death, how come you Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil are hiding here.

He is almost thirty years old, and he still can t marry a woman to do needlework.

Many students think so. After the mid term exam, Shaoyun was always followed, and there were classmates talking behind him wherever he went in the school.

But when the amazing ancestor created the sword twenty four, he used a set of boxing techniques.

Looking at Jingru s boots cbd oil boots cbd oil fiery eyes looking at myself, there was something in my heart.

Boys and girls in the class sit together in a row, which can play a role in character.

With the bonus, Shao Yun boots cbd oil went directly to the Xinhua Bookstore to buy a copy.

Who said that young people have no troubles, exams are the biggest troubles.

Shaoyun struggled to grab the reed pole and looked around through the gap.

As for the advice, there is not much good advice, after all, the strength boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca of several of them can t even beat Ye Fan.

What the hell boots cbd oil is going on Why do I feel like my soul is being consumed Yes, it seems that the strength of this person in front of me is simply unfathomable.

As long as you boots cbd oil have boots cbd oil enough cbd oil legalized by federal government in the 1970s strength, aren t the rules of the truce period that people can break if they want to That s right, their evil faction has been recruiting forces for a long time, and they want to expand their own strength, what kind of good intentions can they have It must be to occupy our entire world, to seize .

10 acres cbd oil

the entire world s resources, Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil and let us disciples all Become their slaves This time is a good proof, this is probably naturopath maui just a precedent.

Li Tianlan, who was covered in blood, held the sword in co2 cbd extraction machine one hand, while the other hand crushed a button on the internal test of the close fitting Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil white clothes.

Being able to use books to impress the interest of classmates is beneficial for future study and getting along.

There were text descriptions boots cbd oil of each action on the side.

Looking directly at the treasure box above, I felt a little dazed for a while.

Then he led Shaoyun to Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil the back of the water vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil room.

After boots cbd oil finishing speaking, Jingru dragged Shaoyun to find the teacher and expressed her loki cbd oil thoughts.

The European man is boots cbd oil no longer young, in his fifties, but his face is full of With boots cbd oil a natural seriousness and caution, it looks a little old fashioned.

This day s magic technique was the great opportunity that Ye Fan had in Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil the wild continent before.

After all, Ye Fan has now reached the peak state in the early stage of the Chaos Classic, and he is only one step away from the middle stage of the Chaos Realm.

The fire got even bigger If you don t come down, who told you to climb over the fence Yes, he slipped directly from the fence and boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca fell and gnawed at the mud.

This is enough to show how seriously he has cultivated for a period of time and how much he wants to boots cbd oil defeat Lin Mu of the same generation.

Just like the pigs he raises, he just wants to eat and sleep and wait for the knife.

I have to hurry back to school, or I will boots cbd oil catch a cold.

The fire best cbd oil anxiety man turned around and ran forward. As if you use a cbd oil cream willl you pass a drug test long as someone complied them and left here, then this intensive artillery fire was equivalent to a choice that Li Tianlan gave Jiang Qiansong.

After all, it was her own business, which affected Shao Yun.

Shaoyun, you re out of your mind, stand in front of the blackboard Keep your memory.

Although cbd full form the four of them can play a strength comparable to Da Luo Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects Jinxian, it is not a cause for concern.

With Wuhui manipulating the boots cbd oil puppet of boots cbd oil the devil, many puppets .

is cbd oil effective without thc

suddenly appeared around the entire Zongmen Dabi.

He looked down at his Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil broken arm. There are no words to describe his emotions at this moment.

On the beach on Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects the shore, there is a puddle of shallow water, and boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca Shaoyun is full of puddles to touch the little fish vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil to gummies cbd amazon play.

Take a short rest, pack up and prepare to go home boots cbd oil with Yang Liansheng vanilla.

That state is completely more than that of an eighteen year old girl.

It s really hard to fall, and they re all bruised.

Hearing that Qi Bao not only couldn t listen to his own words, but boots cbd oil also cursed others, it seemed that this senior was used to being boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca domineering.

She boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Tampa walked slowly, left the hall, and finally walked into the water cold night.

We have been forbearing for a while, and it s time.

In a burst of fluent English greetings After that, he cut into the answer of the topic, but after he finished answering, the judges and teachers looked at each other and shook their heads, obviously the answer did not fit the topic.

Please give an example. The quick answer will begin.

I think my grandfather drank it very deliciously when he was eating, and there Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects was more than half a bottle left.

can cbd oil cause irregular heartbeat

Liansheng visited his grandfather when he was leaving, and the boots cbd oil grandfather s face .

cbd oil and cortisone shot

became even paler, with a ventilator hanging from boots cbd oil his mouth.

Even if Tian Lan is charged with treason this time, as long as does cbd gummies pass drug test Dongcheng Wudi insists, he can still control most vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil of the Snow Dance Corps, and he does not have to bear the restrictions brought by the rank why does cbd oil make my throat sore of Marshal.

Could it be that I made a mistake in the steps just now, shouldn t it, how did I do it What the hell is going on here Yun Guantian Genuine boots cbd oil kept mumbling, his face full of disbelief.

But this one is even Global Clubfoot Initiative boots cbd oil faster. The entire space was obviously distorted, and Jiang Qiannian cannabis cooking oil prices s figure stepped back like a cannonball.

This year, when I entered junior high school, my mother specially bought a piece of cloth and asked the boots cbd oil old tailor in the village to rush it.

There are a lot of things that you can t do. You should look at it first.

Just take it, boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca it s tired of staying at home and wants to go vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil with us.

When the teacher arrives, he has to Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil give her the letter quickly.

In the end, as soon as he saw the real person at the agreed place, he shouted Okay, you deflated bastard So I weed clothing really wanted to steal, can t the old lady satisfy you I also thought of knocking on the door of other people s widows.

Vanilla is pampered by her parents at home, and she vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil does not cbd platnum plus gummies need her to do housework and weaving mats.

Yang Liansheng was boots cbd oil caught off guard and was pulled to the ground cbd gummies for tinnitus at walmart boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca at once.

Then I ll take your bag. Help me, you take the quilt in the package.

The dark fear whats the best cbd oil for ed occupied the hearts will using cbd fail a drug test of Shaoyun Cbd Pain Relief boots cbd oil and Jingru.

He also has his own name the author Gao Dazhuang.

Gradually, he would unconsciously keep this thought deep in his mind.

It was not easy for the old man to live. It was only when Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil vape cbd oil effects he was telling stories that he could not see the bitterness in his heart and his impatience with life.

What he is most looking forward to now is that Lin Mu personally cbd oil for dry skin brings people here.

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He boots cbd oil will kill do cbd gummies make you high reddit Li Genuine boots cbd oil Tianlan, occupy Qin Weibai, and even enter Central Continent He still has too many things to do.

Li Tianlan s figure has not cbd gummies to quit smoking from shark tank disappeared. boots cbd oil Crazy killing intent rushed to Li Tianlan from boots cbd oil Cbd Oil Long Beach Ca the front and cbd hemp oil for pain rear at the same time.

But this kind of forbearance will only bring more disasters, and it will be ruined Genuine boots cbd oil by him that day.

In the middle of the night, a few people carried my dad and the bed away from the watermelon field I fell asleep in the melon shed, and got vape cbd oil effects Studies On Cbd Oil up to urinate at night.

It was too late to go home last night. Looking at Shaoyun s boots cbd oil hesitant expression, the boots cbd oil teacher may boots cbd oil know the common difficulties of many freshmen, and immediately said, Now you can decide not to decide, divide the classes equally, and come to me to register if you want to live in the school, mainly depends on your home and school.

Shaoyun no longer hesitated, put away the bamboo cage full of wormwood, boots cbd oil picked up the sickle, made a mark next to the bamboo cage, and then probed forward.

The Taoist Sun is the boots cbd oil perfect example vape cbd oil effects of the aesthetics of violence.

Holland and Barrett CBD and Boots CBD | Honest Review

When looking to purchase CBD, the prestigious UK health retailers, Boots and Holland and Barrett are great places to start.

Boots has over 2,500 stores and is one of the UK’s most trusted brands. So, you can be reassured any CBD Oil in Boots has passed a rigorous litmus test, guaranteeing the CBD’s quality.

Natural remedy focused Holland and Barrett (H&B) is a big CBD fan. Founded in 1870, H&B now has a whopping 1,300 stores in 16 countries across Europe. Holland and Barrett places a lot emphasis on procuring a wide selection of CBD. Thus, it has a large offering, including CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and CBD Balms and Rubs.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 chemicals found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike its counterpart Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce a ‘high’ and is used in a range of medicines.

CBD is a malleable compound that can easily be formulated into a range of different products. Many of these vary in quality and efficacy. The most useful methods of taking CBD remain CBD Oils (when held under the tongue) and CBD Skincare.

Both Boots and Holland and Barrett have a range of CBD products. However, this review will focus mainly on CBD Oils, which can be found in both Holland and Barrett and Boots. This is because they are the most bioavailable – biologically efficient – ways to take CBD.

Holland and Barrett & Boots CBD Brand Reviews

Dragonfly CBD

The first CBD Oil into Boots , Dragonfly CBD has become a household name in the UK. In 2020, thousands of customers awarded Dragonfly CBD the Best CBD Oil award in Boots.

Uniquely, Dragonfly CBD develops its CBD from seed to shelf and its CBD originates from outdoor, organically grown Cannabis Sativa . Dragonfly CBD publishes all its lab tests on its website to further build legitimacy in the industry. All its CBD is guaranteed THC-free thanks to a cutting edge extraction facility that was purpose built by the company.

Its best selling range Narrow Spectrum CBD Oil has proved a hit, using Dragonfly CBD’s special super distilled CBD formula. Finally, Dragonfly CBD is very reasonably priced, you can pick up a 300mg (3.3% strength) CBD Oil for just £19.50.


A brand that requires little introduction, FourfiveCBD was set up in 2018 by international rugby players, George Kruis and Dom Day.

To better manage recovery and combat inflammation and pain – a common occurrence in professional rugby – Kruis and Day stumbled across CBD. After serious knee surgery, Day read online about the purported therapeutic benefits of Cannabis and turned to CBD Oils.

Day noted “the first thing I noticed was my sleep was amazing. The inflammation in my knee also went down and it relieved the pain. I was sold from then on.”

FourfiveCBD has a range of CBD Oils in Boots, but not in Holland and Barrett’s CBD selection. Slightly more expensive than other brands, you can pick up a 1000mg CBD Oil for £60.00.


Stocked across Holland and Barrett, Satipharm provides a unique CBD offering. Its Advanced CBD capsules use patented technology to deliver 10mg CBD with improved bioavailability.

In 2019, Satipharm released the results of its Phase II Clinical Trial using its GelPell range. The trial focused on the management of Treatment Resistant Epilepsy (TRE) in children. Over the 12-week treatment period, the median reduction of seizures was -82% when added to existing medications. In addition, two patients were reported as fully seizure free within 5 weeks of the treatment.

The 300mg Satipharm CBD capsules range is available in Holland and Barrett for £39.99.

Jacob Hooy

One of Holland and Barrett’s main CBD brands, Jacob Hooy has a long history, founded back in the 18th Century. Although it hasn’t always been involved in CBD!

Located in the Netherlands, Jacob Hooy has a range of CBD Oils and capsules available in Holland and Barrett. Its products are well priced, with a 5% CBD Oil available for £29.99.

Earlier this year, a Daily Mail investigation revealed that Jacob Hooy’s CBD Oil contained 12.4mg of THC. Any CBD products containing THC in the UK are illegal. Consumers and retailers could find themselves in trouble with the police, if found with such products.

Boots Joins The CBD World, But Should You Buy From There?

Boots is one of the biggest retailers of health and beauty products in the UK, being the go-to for everything from mouthwash to mascara. With approximately 2,500 stores UK-wide, the retail giant is now adding CBD to their collection and have even launched their own brand CBD muscle gel. But with stores like Holland Barrett coming under fire for selling misleading and unreliable CBD products, have Boots taken the necessary steps to bring their customers trusted products? Here we take a look into just that.

The CBD bandwagon

CBD blew up in the UK as word spread of its therapeutic potential for common ailments like stress, anxiety, skin issues and pain. Cannabis and cannabis-derived products had previously been banned for sale and consumption since the 1920s, but seemingly out of nowhere, specialist CBD stores started cropping up on the high street after it was removed from the controlled substances list in 2016. Over two years, the size of the UK CBD market grew from £100 million to £300 million, and the number of users jumped from thousands to millions. Word of mouth was the key reason CBD shot to fame, after all, most of us would rather take a recommendation from a trusted friend over a big shiny marketing campaign. Sales soared but the research was and still is slow at backing up the claims made by CBD users. This grey area coupled with not much being known about CBD, it wasn’t long before cowboy brands appeared on the market, selling snake oils made up of low to no CBD at premium prices. A study found that such mislabelled products on the shelves of the retailer giant Holland & Barrett.

What do we know about CBD so far?

Boots began by stocking one brand, Dragonfly CBD, back in 2019. Today, they stock 70 products from 13 different brands. But what is CBD and why is it so popular? CBD is a compound derived from cannabis plants. It is one of over 80 different phytocannabinoids that exist in cannabis, other well known cannabinoids include THC, CBG and CBN. While phytocannabinoids come from plants, endocannabinoids which were so-called due to their striking similarity to those found in cannabis, are created in the human body. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered by scientists less than 30 years ago while researching the effect of cannabis on the body. This discovery was hailed as one of the most important physiological discoveries in our history as it helped us understand how the body regulates itself to stay balanced. ECS receptors can be found throughout the entire body; on organs, skin cells, immune cells and bones. This helps to understand why CBD has such a wide range of reported benefits, from psoriasis to pain and insomnia. So how does CBD interact via the ECS? A lot is still unknown but many important discoveries have been made. For example, one well-known endocannabinoid called anandamide was found to increase in the body after CBD use.

Anandamide is affectionately referred to as the ‘bliss molecule’, named after the Sanskrit word ananda meaning bliss or delight. As you may have guessed, we want lots of anandamide in the body because it brings us feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Anandamide also plays a role in memory consolidation, sleep, pain relief and appetite. Exercise, meditation and massage are also known to increase levels of anandamide in the body. The problem with this molecule is that it doesn’t stay in the body long, as it is quickly broken down by enzymes and reabsorbed. Scientists found that CBD can delay the reuptake of anandamide in the body, making those blissful feelings last longer. This is just one of the ways CBD can promote health and wellbeing. Research into all of the ways CBD interacts with the many ECS receptors located across the body is still underway, but ealy research is revealing that CBD could be effective for many chronic diseases. Moreover, studies have shown that CBD is safe and well-tolerated, with just a few minor side effects reported, such as nausea, changes in appetite and drowsiness.

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What are Boots doing to ensure quality?

The good

Building consumer trust

Boots is one of the largest and most trusted health and beauty chains in the United Kingdom, established around 170 years ago. It’s rare to see a high street in the UK that doesn’t feature a Boots store. Because of their reputation, adding CBD products to their collection may further help remove any stigma people may feel about cannabis-derived products. Boots have even launched their own-brand affordable CBD Muscle Gel.

Variety of products from well known brands

Today, they stock a vast range of products including CBD oil sprays, drops, topicals, capsules and gummies. The biggest collection is their range of CBD oil drops and sprays which currently stands at thirty-seven SKUs from nine different brands. The other collections are more limited with nine topicals including a Boots own-brand, six different capsules and just three varieties of gummies. Some of the well-known brands stocked by Boots include Dragonfly, Green Stem, Healthspan and Love Hemp. Bear in mind, these products are found online and may not be available in all Boots stores.

The bad

Lack of information

When it comes to their own brand CBD Muscle Gel, the packaging claims that it contains no THC but there isn’t any information on how much CBD it contains. This is pretty important information when buying a CBD product and will influence the price. Seeing as this product is a relatively affordable £16, it may indicate it’s low in CBD. When it comes to other products, the descriptions on their website are limited and only some brands outline what type of extract is used. If buying in store, due to the wide range of products on offer at Boots, it’s unlikely the staff will have received specific CBD training to be able to advise on what product is right for you, although we can’t say for sure.

No lab reports

Key to building trust in the CBD industry is verifying the cannabinoid content with lab reports, or Certificates of Analysis (COA). Lab reports at a minimum will list out the concentration of CBD and THC in the bottle. It’s there to show that the contents have been tested and verified by a lab, preferably a third-party. The Centre of Medical Cannabis conducted the first major third-party lab testing exercise in the UK. Shockingly, seven out of ten tested CBD products didn’t contain the CBD amount as advertised on the label. Almost half had more than the legal levels of THC and one product had no CBD content at all! This product of CBD-less CBD oil retailed for £90! The results highlight the importance of lab testing in the UK due to the lack of deliberate or non-deliberate inaccuracy of labelling.


This 10% CBD Oil from Alphagreen is designed to be placed beneath the tongue for maximum absorption and maximum soothing results.

SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE – Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil supports female sexual wellness by enhancing pleasure, easing discomfort and increasing sensitivity.

Brace yourself for a fantastic experience with this 40% CBD Oil from Naturecan. This product will allow you to enjoy your daily CBD dose in a fast and convenient way.

GREAT FLAVOUR, REAL EFFECTS: Zen Bear’s gummies offer a delicious way to consume CBD with no gimmicks. Pop a couple a day and see the effects in no time!

Arima’s High Strength Pure CBD Oil is a high-quality formula made by blending Cannabis Sativa L extract with organic olive oil to create a fantastic cannabidiol experience.

Spirited Euphoria by Edi is the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit crafted from natural hemp and 280mg of THC-free CBD isolate.

CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil Sativa is a high-quality CBD product containing full-spectrum CBD diluted in organic hemp seed oil.

Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium) represents a full-spectrum formula with 300mg of CBD+CBDa per bottle.

Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil is a lube that makes sex better, providing you and your partner with the all-natural moisture to soothe, arouse, and exhilarate your sex life.

10% CBD Oil from Purity Hemp Company is a mid-strength broad-spectrum CBD oil that can be used to restabilise your health and wellbeing.

This CBD Oil – 750mg by Green Roads is a health supplement that is a fantastic way to support your daily wellness routine.

What to look for when buying a CBD product

How many mgs of CBD

A CBD product should always be labelled with how much cannabidiol (CBD) it contains, and this should be backed up by a lab report. A lab report shows the CBD product has been tested to verify that the amount of CBD in the product matches what’s on the label. Brands should make their lab reports open to the public. At Alphagreen, all of our brands are required to show a lab report if they contain CBD.

Are there any other cannabinoids

When it comes to CBD products, there are three main types of extract: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. CBD isolate. CBD isolate is generally less expensive than broader-spectrum extracts and only contains pure CBD. Broader-spectrum extracts contain other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and perhaps legal concentrations of THC. The addition of these cannabinoids and other hemp plant compounds like terpenes are believed to increase the potency of CBD’s effects, a phenomenon coined “the entourage effect”. Again, the cannabinoid profile should be supported by a lab report.

Are there any outrageous health claims

Any CBD brand that claims their product cures, heals or treats any disorders, steer clear! Although early research is promising, CBD has not been approved as a medical device. That means CBD companies can’t make claims related to specific disorders and diseases.

Is the price too good to be true?

A CBD product’s price tag should reflect a couple of things but mainly how much cannabidiol it contains. If you see a super strong CBD oil with a low price tag, then I hate to break it to you, but it’s probably hemp seed oil. And hemp seeds only contain trace levels of CBD. Another factor is the type of extract used. Generally, products made with CBD isolate will be more affordable than full- and broad-spectrum extracts. The reason CBD is expensive is because the processes involved in production are costly. At a minimum companies will need to source CBD from quality, non-contaminated hemp plants, invest in extraction processes which involve high-tech and expensive equipment, GMP standard facilities and testing. Responsible brands who produce top-quality CBD products will source the best organic hemp, invest in high quality extraction processes and obtain third-party lab reports.

Where is the hemp sourced?

Just like you might at the supermarket, if you’re serious about quality, it’s good to know whether the hemp used for your CBD oil is organic and maybe where it was sourced from. Hemp is a bioaccumulator which means it absorbs toxins from the air and the soil. This makes hemp great for improving the environment, it was even used to help clear up some of the contaminants from the Chernobyl disaster. But this quality is not so good when it comes to creating CBD products. One way to get around this is to cultivate hemp without the use of chemicals and pesticides, in other words, organically. Organic hemp limits the accumulation of pesticides and heavy metals in crops. In addition, some companies will even list the concentration of contaminants and heavy metals on their lab reports so you can double check the hemp used is contaminant free!

And last but not least, lab reports!

All responsible brands should have lab reports available to their customers to verify that they’re honest and transparent about what’s in their product.

Final thoughts

Because of the confusion surrounding the CBD industry, some dishonest CBD brands are using this grey area to make a quick dollar with subpar CBD products. By stocking a good variety of well known brands, Boots is helping to build trust and remove stigma around CBD and hemp-derived products. Yet, to further increase trust, Boots should display lab reports for any CBD products to set the industry standard. Furthermore, if you’re new to CBD and have any questions about strength, dosage or type, the limited product descriptions on their website and lack of specialised training (virtual and in-person) may leave you struggling to find the product that’s right for you. You can purchase from the Boots online collection and from some larger physical retail stores. There’s a good selection of well known, affordable brands on offer at Boots, just check the details to ensure you’re buying a CBD product that’s right for you.

Verified by a Healthcare Professional

Anastasiia Myronenko

Anastasiia Myronenko is a Medical Physicist actively practicing in one of the leading cancer centers in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her master’s degree in Medical Physics at Karazin Kharkiv National University and completed Biological Physics internship at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany. Anastasiia Myronenko specializes in radiation therapy and is a fellow of Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.

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