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CBD Oil Denver Co SAVE: 15% OFF of Your First Order with Coupon Code DENVER15 Featured Products CBN & D8 Mile High Sleep Gummies 20MG Mile High Strawnana D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG) At Pharmstrong™, we know our customers' goals, needs, and lifestyles vary, We offer three convenient ways to begin your CBD journey Utilizing the best extraction facilities in Colorado, our full-spectrum CBD and Colorado-grown hemp products are designed to help users overcome ailments.

CBD Oil Denver Co

SAVE: 15% OFF of Your First Order with Coupon Code DENVER15

Featured Products

CBN & D8 Mile High Sleep Gummies
20MG Mile High Strawnana D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)
20MG Mile High Mango D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)
20MG Mile High Blue Watermelon D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)

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Denver Full Spectrum Tincture – Cinnamon
Denver CBD Gummies 500 MG
Denver Full Spectrum Tincture – Peppermint
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Denver CBG 1200mg Zero THC
Swing Oil
Denver 1:1 Balance Delta 8/CBD 0.3mL Vape Cartridge
Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen – .3ml Hemp Derived

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Buy CBD Oil in Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado, famously known as the Mile High City, is a popular destination for tourists and a beautiful place to call home for various reasons. Colorado’s capital city in the heart of the Front Range Urban Corridor, with the Rocky Mountains westwards and the High Plains to the east, combines urban and adventurous lifestyles, an ideal starting point for Pharmstrong™, an outstanding place to buy CBD oil in Denver. Visitors of the city just above a mile from sea level can capture the sunlight falling on Denver’s majestic skyline with the Rocky Mountains in the background for about 300 days per year – Denver is amongst the sunniest cities in the U.S.

Denver has so much to offer to its visitors; everyone can find a way of amusement. Denver Art Museum is a favorite destination for art lovers to explore diverse works from different parts of the world and across centuries. Those who wish to learn more about Colorado’s natural history can add a stop in their route at the Denver Museum of Nature &Science. Gourmands amongst Denver locals love to visit downtown Denver where countless street food vendors provide delicious quick bites. Downtown Denver is also an appealing destination for tourists looking for gifts at one of the local gift shops to bring home or for those who wish to take a nice walk in the city. Adventurous folks in Denver can plan a hiking trip at Handerson Gulch Trail, Highline Canal Trail, or Rocky Mountain Arsenal – Lake Ladora hike – all of which provides an excellent way to connect to nature and escape the city life for relaxation.

New trends don’t pass unnoticed in the city known for its progressive and innovative thinking. Denver locals who wish to find wellness products that work and bring confidence into their lives have already given CBD a try. Short for cannabidiol, CBD has already appeared at numerous local stores, gas stations, dispensaries, or coffee shops. A vast array of options may leave anyone uncertain about their choices, and investing time in finding the right product amongst countless options on the market may sound overwhelming. That’s why Pharmstrong™ is proud to provide high-quality, THC-free CBD products to those in Denver and surrounding areas. Our products are just a click away online, so you don’t have to walk between the aisles of stores to find the best outcome when you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and numerous amusing activities during your stay in Denver.

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CBD: All-Natural Trending Ingredient

If you live in Denver, CO, and haven’t yet acquired your first CBD products, you must have already heard about the cannabis compound from locals. CBD has made it to all kinds of products and nearly every type of store. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is amongst hundreds of compounds in the cannabis plant.

  • All-natural
  • Safe to consume daily
  • Non-additive
  • Federally legal
  • A compound that doesn’t cause mind-altering symptoms

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Although CBD is already extremely popular in the United States, some still associate it with marijuana and mistakenly believe CBD can get them high. CBD in our products derives from hemp. While hemp also belongs to the Cannabis Sativa plant family like marijuana, these two are as different as your bicycle and car; both can get you from place to place but in very different ways. Marijuana and hemp comprise different chemical make-ups and differently affect the human body. Marijuana can indeed get you high, but hemp can’t, and neither do the CBD products derived from it. It is also non-addictive and safe to consume daily. CBD products are legal for purchase and consumption in Denver, CO, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, making all hemp-derived CBD products with .3% THC or less federally legal.

Now you can easily find CBD at almost any local store in Denver, and it may get challenging to find the perfect fit for your goals. The product you choose solely depends on your needs, daily habits, and preferences. Still, the universal feature of the product you want to look for is the premium quality CBD.

Many factors determine if the CBD product in your shopping basket is a worthwhile investment. The aspects to keep in mind vary from the origin of hemp to the ingredients and even its packaging. It’s easy to get confused on how to begin, and here are the factors to keep in mind before making your first CBD purchase.

Aspects that Define the Quality of Your CBD

  • Origin of Hemp – Every step of the production matters before CBD reaches your doors in Denver. It’s essential to consider hemp’s source and growing practices before investing in the product. Hemp cleans soil by drawing up harsh chemicals and pesticides, possibly bringing unwanted elements in your hemp-derived effects and side-effects you wouldn’t expect from a wellness product. At Pharmstrong™, we use Colorado’s innovative growing techniques, fertile soil, and clean spring water and bring you the best CBD products on the market today from Colorado-grown hemp. We grow a robust, phytocannabinoid-rich strain of hemp without using harmful pesticides, which is then meticulously processed, adhering to the strictest quality control guidelines. Moreover, all our products are Verified Pure Premium Grade (VPPG™) – an indicator of superior purity and quality.
  • Third-Party Lab Test Results – One of the crucial aspects in choosing CBD is third-party lab testing to ensure quality. Many products on the market have tested positive for heavy metals and pesticides; the only way to ensure you aren’t investing in unwanted elements in your products and undesirable side effects is to look for lab results. Reputable brands take every step for customers’ peace of mind and make third-party lab test results available for consumers. Pesticides and heavy metals can become the reason for numerous health issues, and that’s not what you want from your wellness products.CBD products at Pharmstrong™ are pure and potent, and knowing the quality matters to our customers, we have made third-party lab test results available for all our products. You can enter the batch number on the bottom of your product here and see the results. We filter out all of the undesirable elements like pesticides, mold, solvents, and heavy metals from our products to provide a pure and potent, highly effective product.
  • Amount of THC – Hemp-derived CBD products feature only trace amounts of THC – the cannabinoid famous for its psychoactive effects, and such low levels of the compound won’t cause any mind-altering symptoms. However, some brands like Pharmstrong™ take an additional step to remove THC from their products for your peace of mind. THC-free products allow you to consume CBD without worrying about any unwanted effects.
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Pharmstrong™: The Superior Quality CBD for Everyone

At Pharmstrong™, we know our customers’ goals, needs, and lifestyles vary, so we keep creating an assortment where anyone can find the right choice.

We offer a wide selection of products to include:

  • Oral Drops: We offer oral drops in mint, natural, and orange flavors that feature different amounts of CBD per bottle and allow you to choose the strength you desire.
  • Softgels: Available in 3 varieties: Natural flavor CBD softgels, CBD softgels with Curcumin, and CBD softgels with Melatonin. These provide premeasured doses of CBD and are easy to swallow. A fantastic form to buy CBD oil in Denver.
  • Balms: Our CBD topicals are available in perfectly sized 1 oz and 2 oz jars that you can directly apply to your skin on the desired body area.
  • Face products: Those looking to include CBD infused products into their skincare regimen can shop for our CBD infused Face Pearls or CBD face mask. CBD face pearls come in perfectly proportioned small, soft beads and provide an ideal amount of cream in every use. Our face mask comes in the form of Gel Infused with black licorice and rosemary extracts.
  • Gel Roller: The Pharmstrong™ CBD Gel Roller offers fast absorption and convenient application. We have combined Menthol and CBD for topical application, which dries within 2-3 minutes. The rollerball is easy to use and eliminates waste and over application.
  • Multivitamins: We offer delicious gummies in assorted flavors of cherry, strawberry, Lemon, Grape, Orange that are tasty and also vegan-friendly.
  • Pet Products: We have created products for your furry friends in the form of oral drops and tasty dog treats, which you can purchase separately or as a kit.
  • Kits: We offer seven pre-assembled CBD kits that strategically combine products for targeted results. Starter Kit, Sleep Kit, Calm Kit, Sport, and Joint Kit, Everyday Kit, Pet Kit, and Total Body Kit all combine products that work well together and will save you time and offer discounted bundle pricing.

Pharmstrong™ CBD – Start the Journey Today!

Getting started with CBD is exciting, and you don’t have to wait any longer. We offer three convenient ways to begin your CBD journey with Pharmstrong™:

  1. Stop at our flagship store location. Located to the west from Denver, a relatively short drive away, our cozy storefront in Breckenridge is the perfect place to get some one-on-one help when looking to buy CBD oil in Denver. We also offer Colorado’s one and only CBD sample bar, allowing customers to try any of our premium THC-free products before purchasing them. We offer delicious CBD-infused dog treat samples for your pups as well, so your visit to our store can turn into an enjoyable weekend family trip.
  2. Order over the phone. Knowing many of our customers have a busy schedule, we will be more than happy to place an order for you over the phone.
  3. Visit ouronline store. And finally, our premium-grade products are available online for maximum convenience, where you can browse all our products. We ship anywhere within the U.S.
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At Pharmstrong™, we guarantee quality CBD products that deliver fast-acting and long-lasting results. Our products are potent and portable that you can easily take along with you on your adventures in Denver. Call, conveniently shop our store online, or stop at our brick and mortar store to buy CBD oil in Denver today!

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I absolutely adore this Cbd store front & studio space! Hailey is one of the most knowledgable, friendly and hardworking salesperson in the CBD industry. I always come here for my CBD needs. Since I’ve began taking GVM products, my ailments have reduced greatly and I am no longer taking pharmaceuticals for my chronic illness because their products are truly a gift. Forever grateful for this place

This brand does it’s due diligence! Every employee is knowledgeable and looking to genuinely help. Hailey always a has a smile, and Todd is very charismatic. I love this company dawg

Good Vibe CBD is my FAVORITE CBD! I absolutely love the lavender tincture. Sometimes I get headaches and not all CBD has worked for me in the past. But, Good Vibe CBD literally had me feeling immediate relief. I’m really grateful. Also, I’m an avid roller skater. So, you better believe after experiencing such relief from the tincture that I now also use their lotions and body bars. To anyone looking for a go-to spot for recovery and relaxation… this is it. I’m so happy with their products and they’re incredibly kind to top it all!

As a teacher, I love renting this space for my special events! It’s so cute, has a great flow, and is centrally located for my students across the Denver metro area. The staff is so friendly and great to work with, plus they have a whole lobby with their cbd products that are some of the best.As a student, they offer a huge range of diverse classes and teachers to choose from and the community is great. 5 stars!

Idk what they do differently in their CBD tincture but it WORKS. I have tried several other CBD products, all full spectrum, and they do the job, but Good Vibes CBD is like my holy grail. I have fibromyalgia + pretty severe anxiety, and this works to help calm all of that. I highly recommend if you struggle with chronic pain or anxiety, especially panic attacks. I visited their Denver location last year and the owner was extremely helpful and showed a great deal of care for both his products and customers. I only use their CBD tincture now; I can’t go back to any other brands that don’t work nearly as well.