CBD Oil Extraction Machine For Sale

Cedarstone Industry is a premier supplier of plant oil extraction machines. Learn more about our products and shop our plant oil extractors for sale. When starting a cannabis extraction business, consider the operating costs for cbd extraction machine with CO2 vs ethanol extraction. YC-120 Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine Pilotech cannabis oil extraction equipment, being integrated in a mobile framework over a smaller area and using vacuum decompression extraction method for

CBD Oil Extraction Machine For Sale

Cedarstone Industry is proud to provide for manufacturers in need of a plant oil extraction machine. As a leading stainless-steel manufacturer, we make the highest quality essential oil extraction machine. Some of our most noteworthy clients include Bluebell, Heineken, Anheuser-Busch, GEA, Tetra Pak, Coca-Cola, and GE Pharmaceutic, and others. We have been providing for them for over twenty years, and we have now joined the business of CBD, hemp, and plant oil precision extraction.

It is now commonplace to see someone with a vape pen filled with some cannabis extract, CBD oil, or hash oil. Cannabidiol is one of 113 cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa, but it makes up forty percent of the extract’s active ingredients. Most of the other part is THC, the psychoactive component. When you extract the CBD, it can provide its benefits without any psychotropic effects. It is a natural essential oil from plant material that can help without any mind-altering consequences.

Plant Oil Uses

It is only as of recently, in 2019, that clinical trials have begun to test for the effectiveness of plant oil. Already, there has been evidence that CBD oil can help treat many disorders and lessen severe symptoms. Even before the research began, people by then acclaimed its uses.

The FDA approved cannabidiol to treat a couple of different types of treatment-resistant epilepsy. Doctors prescribe Epidolex, containing CDB oil, for Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

People have used plant oil to treat other ailments than seizures. Although trials have not yet confirmed any improvements, many have used it to lessen manic episodes with bipolar disorder. A prescription nasal spray, Sativex, has been developed for multiple sclerosis symptoms. Trials have also shown cannabis could help with Crohn’s disease, dystonia, fragile X syndrome, GVHD, insomnia, social anxiety, and withdrawals.

Plant oil has also found use among athletes. Professionals and amateurs have used CBD to help their game. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed the plant oil from their banned substances. As a result, many professional athletes have endorsed CBD oil for companies, and the NHL Alumni Association is funding research to see if head-injured players can benefit.

Even more and more uses for cannabis plant oil are coming to light as more research occurs. The industry is up and coming, and you need a plant oil extraction machine to manufacture.

Extraction Process

Plant oil extraction is a many-step process. To have the best quality, legal-tender, food-grade product, you have to have everything running smoothly throughout to extract essential oils. For that, you need to ensure you have a high-quality stainless-steel plant oil extraction machine. Our machinery is built to last and can take you through all the steps, from extraction to crystallization to the distillation:

  • Extraction
  • Centrifuge Extraction
  • Winterization
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Decarboxylation
  • Distillation
  • Crystallization
  • Chromatography

Cedarstone Industry’s Plant Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

We make the best stainless-steel industrial equipment in the industry. For essential oil extraction equipment, your company can trust Cedarstone Industry’s quality closed-loop low-pressure ethanol extraction systems. Extraction removes the oil from the biomass inside the extraction vessel using the ethanol solvent. Soon after, filtration and separation occur. Cedarstone sells the equipment that goes through the whole process. We provide the CEX Series Extraction Systems, which includes:

Cedarstone Industry is here to provide the best processing machines for your company

  • Pre-chilled, ethanol tanks module
  • Ethanol centrifugal extraction module
  • Filtration skid module
  • Ethanol recovery module (falling film evaporator/wiper film evaporator)
  • Vacuum skid
  • NEMA 4X stainless UL listed control
  • UL listed pumps and integrated piping

Firstly, it uses the C1D1 Remote Control Tablet, a Class I, II, and III Division 1 intrinsically safe control tablet. It is certified by ATEX/IECEx Zone 1, SGS to UL913C I, II, and III Division 1. Secondly, it features a tablet for a rugged purpose and explosive proof for Zone 1/Division 1 hazard areas. Additionally, it has real-time Wi-Fi connectivity to the control panel in the safe room, has a 10.1’’ WUXGA display with 1920×1200 resolution, up to 12 hours of browsing, a 3.5-hour docking charge time, and 128 GB of storage.

The Rest of Our Cannabis Extraction Equipment

We have stocks of plant oil manufacturing machinery for all steps of the process. If you need others, then you can see even more below:

Centrifuge Plant Oil Extractor

Our centrifuge extractor modules’ design is for low-temperature ethanol and hemp extraction. It extracts by using chilled ethanol in a rotor barrel to bidirectionally spin the biomass at high speeds. Most importantly, the centrifuge is easy to operate, maintain, and configure. Finally, the centrifuge optimizes for temperatures at -60 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, its turn-key systems allow for a fully adjustable agitation speed and time setting and an automatic valve for automatic control of feeding and discharge. In addition, its completely modular design means there is no need for on-site installation.

Molecular Distillation

The molecular distillation method differs from the usual boiling point of different separation principles or steam distillation. Instead, it uses a unique liquid-to-liquid separation.

Decarboxylation System

CBD plant oil and THC do not naturally exist in the cannabis point. So, you need to bring CBD out from Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA).

Crystallization Reactor

You can achieve highly purified CBD plant oil extraction without complex essential oil distillation equipment. If the CBD oil has already been winterized and distilled to more than 80%, then it can use the turn-key system. However, this prerequisite must be met in order to work.

Chromatography Equipment

In chromatography, materials are separated through small molecules, biomolecules, peptides, and isolate compounds that get past plant oil. Our HPLC machine functions with infusion, injection, detection, collection, data processing, and controlling molecules and follows GMP, cGMP, and also FDA standards.

Plant Oil Extraction Machine

We are here to help new, and emerging CBD or hemp companies get started, but we can also provide for established ones. Whether you need your first or a replacement extractor, we can get it to you as soon as you need it. Cedarstone Industry are masters of engineering and manufacturing the top-quality stainless-steel equipment.

If you have questions regarding our products or services, you can contact us immediately. On the other hand, if there is something about our plant oil extraction machine, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page for information. Our customer service is quality, and our representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. Here, we want you to stay informed before and after your purchase.

Cedarstone Industry is in Houston, Texas, and you can find us and our hours on our contact us page. But we service companies and individuals all over. If you are interested in our plant oil extraction machine, you can call us at (281) 397-3700 or email us at [email protected]

Operating Costs of Starting A Cannabis Extraction Business

Thinking of starting an extraction business?You’re not alone. Check this article for CBD extraction machine cost that you need to know. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp production, the extraction industry has seen a boom in the last six months. There’s never been a more exciting or lucrative time to work in extraction, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before jumping in feet first.

In this article, we will cover hemp processing starting from farming and harvesting to producing end products. You will learn what CBD processing equipment is needed for effective CBD processing in each step.

We will also explain how CBD oil is extracted and what CBD oil extraction machine is best to complete the process.

We will share a list of the important features and factors to help you choose the right CBD extraction equipment for your hemp extraction business, and highlight extraktLAB’s leading-edge, supercritical CO2 CBD oil extraction machine.

By the end of this article you’ll discover how extraktLAB’s equipment has the lowest operating costs, fastest throughput, smallest footprint, and most scalable design in the CBD oil extraction industry.


Over the last several years, there is no doubt that there has been a boom in the CBD oil extraction machine industry.

According to the latest reports, we should expect substantial market growth of hemp and CBD production by 2023. As the demand for hemp and CBD productions increases we see the incredible variety of products and services stemming from it.

Hemp is a particular species of plant grown for industrial use. The process of harvesting and using this plant has existed for tens of thousands of years and is continuing to grow exponentially. This includes the production of clothing, paper, paints, food products, biodegradable plastics, and more.

Hemp has a low amount of psychoactive cannabinoids (what is traditionally known to cause a “high”) in the plant. The plant also contains a common cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD), which has many reported health benefits.

Recently, producers have discovered how to make CBD oil in full-scale production, opening a new profitable industry.

The growing list of uses of the hemp plant makes it a virtually limitless plant. However, to access its benefits, hemp has to be processed into usable materials, like textiles or CBD oils. For this purpose you will need to use specialized CBD processing equipment to harvest, dry, extract, and process hemp.

As you read further, you will learn how the CBD oil extraction process works to extract CBD oil and the purpose behind CBD extraction. We will also highlight the right type of CBD extraction and the best CBD extraction method you can use in your CBD processing startup.

It is important to note that there are key features and factors to consider when choosing CBD extraction equipment for your CBD or hemp extraction business.

CBD Oil Extraction Machine: How to Extract CBD Oil

CBD is a compound that has a variety of potential medical applications such as relief from anxiety and pain. CBD is different from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that makes users high.Therefore, it is considered safe for most people.

There are several practical ways to extract CBD oil from hemp. Some CBD extraction systems used CO2 as a solvent in the process of oil extraction. Using CO2 as a solvent is a pure and clean form of CBD oil extraction as there is no residue after extraction.

The extracted CBD oil has to be refined after extraction in order to isolate CBD and other individual compounds. This is achieved with the help of three processes conducted one after another. They are called winterization, solvent removal and distillation.

To perform effective CBD oil extraction, a suitable solvent is very important. Effective CBD oil extraction depends on the capability of the solvent to strip the CBD from the hemp biomass.The column containing the ground hemp biomass is injected with the solvent of choice which will then act on the CBD in order to remove it from the plant material where it can be collected and refined downstream.

There are few practical methods of CBD extraction; however, the best method for CBD oil extraction is supercritical CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is the most environmentally friendly extraction method as well as the most consumer safe extraction method.

CO2 CBD extraction is also much less expensive than other extraction methods in terms of long-term operational costs. In terms of solvent loss, solvent cost, and operational costs, it is a proven profitable extraction method when compared to other extraction methods over just one year.
extraktLAB manufactures cutting-edge, supercritical CO2 extraction equipment for hemp and botanical extraction industries.

Our CBD oil extraction machine has the fastest throughput, lowest operation costs, smallest footprint, and most scalable design in the CBD oil extraction industry.
We operate a 10-ton/day processing facility within our 38,000 sq ft manufacturing and demo facility in Wisconsin.

Contact extraktLAB today to learn more about leading-edge hemp oil extraction machines.

CBD Processing Equipment for Effective CBD Processing

As mentioned previously, there are numerous products that come from hemp processing. These products are all derived from the cultivation of the plant that involves hemp farming – planting, harvesting, shucking, separating, formulating, and creating final products.

Harvest and use of hemp include the production of clothing, paper, paints, biodegradable plastics, food products, and more through the processing of hemp. Recent uses of hemp include the practice of extraction and use of cannabidiol (CBD).

Recent research claims that high-quality CBD oils may have numerous health benefits. Today, you can find anything from skincare products, to edibles, to vaporizers that contain CBD.
In order to create CBD products, hemp has to be processed into usable materials with the help of specialized equipment for harvest, drying, extracting, and processing hemp.

Let us have a quick look at hemp processing equipment, such as combines, CBD hemp harvesters, and decorticator.

Hemp farmers use the combines to collect bulk hemp stalks for industrial use. However, this machinery drastically reduces the capability to create quality CBD oils by compromising the quality of the hemp flower.

One more piece of equipment used in CBD processing is a CBD hemp harvester. This machinery cuts the hemp flower at the stalk more carefully and loads the crop together, reducing any damage to the CBD flower.

Lastly, is the decorticator. This is used to create any kind of industrial bulk hemp crop product. Decorticators are used by the processor to separate the fibrous internal material from the stem of the hemp.

After the hemp plant is carefully harvested, it is run through the shucking procedure. At this stage, special equipment is used to separate the flower from the rest of the plant material.
This separation is crucial as the hemp flower has a much higher CBD content than the other parts of the plant.

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Once the separated CBD flower and seeds have been tested for any unwanted materials, they are to be prepared for CBD extraction.

CBD extraction equipment can differ greatly depending on the end result needed. It could be a simple food-grade alcohol extraction done in a home setting or a large-scale CO2 extraction.
Supercritical CO2 extractors are considered to be the most advanced, efficient, and powerful extraction equipment in the hemp and botanical extraction industry today.

extraktLAB’s extractors are powerful, efficient, and practical for those producers who want the highest possible quality while achieving efficient productivity.
You will need to have at least four different employees in order to run a CBD processing or CBD extraction facility, this includes:

  • quality assurance manager
  • shift manager
  • operator
  • analytical operator

A quality assurance manager will help you comply with GMP requirements and produce a quality CBD product.

It is crucial to have a quality assurance manager at your CBD processing or extraction facility who is aware of the requirements and can implement those in your business.

A shift manager will organize and schedule operators at each station and track the production output. The manager will also be responsible for operator training, yields, workforce management, meeting quality requirements of the end product.

Operators are needed to execute the production plan following standard operating procedures. They should be trained on how to use the equipment and how to move materials in and out of the process.

The operators are responsible for recording the data for the quality management system and basic equipment maintenance.

Analytical operators, or quality control technicians, are typically chemists and have a laboratory background. They are important to provide yield and in-process testing to the manufacturing facility.

An analytical operator works with quality assurance to ensure that incoming raw hemp biomass conforms to purchasing and quality specifications.

At extraktLAB, we manufacture leading-edge, supercritical CO2 extraction machines primarily used by the hemp and botanical extraction industries. Our equipment is renowned for having the fastest throughput, smallest footprint, lowest operating costs, and most scalable design in the CBD oil extraction and processing industry.

Contact extraktLAB to learn more about the exciting and most cost-effective CBD oil extraction opportunities available in the industry today. You can call us at 651-600-0036 or submit an online form for more information.

How Does CBD Extraction Work?

Whether you’re considering buying CBD extraction equipment or already own some, you should be aware of how it works.

Let’s find out how to use a CBD extraction machine, how it works, and its purpose in the extraction process.

How to use a CBD Extraction Machine

Before you jump straight into its working principle, some considerations are important. To perform effective extraction, a suitable solvent like ethanol or butane is very important. That’s because effective extraction depends on the capability of the solution to act on the plant.

The solution goes from the operating tank to the extraction cylinder. The solvent acts on the plant to extract much desired plant components.

How it Works

The underlying principle of CBD extraction is pretty much the same in all CBD extraction machines. The typical process in CBD extraction equipment runs in a cycle. Let’s see how it works:

  • First of all, the solvent goes into the operating tank where plant material is present already. The solvent is injected into the operating tank.
  • The next step is the movement of solvent from the operating tank to the extraction cylinder.
  • Once the process in the extraction cylinder is complete, the extract pours into the vessel. Here, the solvent begins to vaporize. The highly pressurized solvent is released into another chamber.
  • In the next phase, the solvent travels through an expansion filter. This process can speed up by applying some heat to the expansion filter.
  • In the next step, the solvent vapor escapes the expansion filter and moves into the recovery pump.
  • In the final phase, the solvent drains into the recovery pump.

The process keeps happening in a cycle until you get crude CBD oil.

What is its purpose?

Considering the benefits of hemp, a CBD extraction machine is extremely important. The prime objective or purpose of CBD extraction equipment is to extract and produce high-quality consumable hemp oil.

How much does a CBD Extraction Machine Cost?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the overall costs of a CBD extraction machine. These include the method of extraction being used, the amount of extract you plan to make, the products you intend to put on the market, the size of the extractor, the operating system of the extractor, etc.

The truth is a CBD extraction machine can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to half a million dollars or more depending on the technology itself. A smaller extraction system for R&D purposes can be considered a “desktop” extractor and can use a number of solvents in order to extract CBD. This can be hydrocarbon, ethanol or CO2.

For any size extractor, hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction equipment is generally much less expensive than supercritical CO2 extraction equipment. This is because CO2 equipment is highly specialized to handle the operating pressures necessary for CO2 to reach its supercritical state that makes it efficient for extraction.

So, where an ethanol extractor may cost $5000, a comparable CO2 extractor could cost potentially $10,000. Again, there are a variety of factors that play into this pricing, but it can be reasonably expected for a CO2 extractor to be nearly double that of ethanol or hydrocarbon equipment.

Then there is the operating system of an extractor. There are extractors that are entirely operated manually, and some extractors that are fully automated. The difference between these systems can be thousands of dollars which makes inexperienced operators lean towards a manual operating system. However, full automation can even itself out in terms of cost efficiency in a short period of time by reducing labor costs and fully optimizing an extraction operation so that its efficiency is at the highest possible level.

Of course, the size of an extractor no matter the extraction method used is directly proportional to the cost of the machine. While some extractors are designed to process 10 to 80 pounds per day and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, other extractors can be designed for industrial levels of hemp processing that can cost hundreds of thousands.

How CBD Is Extracted From Hemp

There are several methods that can be used to extract CBD from hemp. While they are different in their methods, the general principle remains the same. This involves stripping the CBD from the plant material, and then refining the extracted oil into a product that is a pure and potent form of CBD extract. Let’s take a look at the steps of extraction and the various methods used to extract CBD from hemp.

Step 1. Bucking and Grinding

In order to get the best yield from the process, it’s important to get the steps before the actual extraction process is optimized. This is why shucking and grinding are important. Shucking involves removing the high CBD containing flowers from the rest of the plant. Once they’ve been removed, they can be grinded into a consistency that allows the solvent to best strip the CBD from the biomass and get the best possible yield.

Step 2. Decarboxylation

While this is an optional step before the extraction process, we find that it is the best process for obtaining terpenes and improving extraction efficiency. This involves placing the plant biomass in a vacuum oven and heating the material until the CBD-A converts to the active CBD through the decarboxylation process. By connecting a cold trap collector to the vacuum oven, the terpenes from the plant can also be collected.

Step 3. Extraction

This step is the true extraction process. The plant material is placed into an extraction column where a solvent is introduced that is capable of stripping the CBD from the biomass so that it can be collected as a crude oil. This is most often accomplished using CO2, ethanol or hydrocarbons.

Step 4. Winterization & Filtration

This process is specific to CO2 extraction. It takes the winterized oil and introduces it to small amounts of food grade ethanol and sub-zero temperatures. This solidifies the fats and waxes from the crude oil so that they can be filtered and removed.

Step 5. Solvent Removal

This step is necessary to remove the remaining solvents from the extraction and winterization process. By applying heat and vacuum pressure, the solvents can be volatilized which evaporates them so that they can be removed from the extract. This is often accomplished by using a rotary evaporator or a falling film evaporator.

Step 6. Distillation

The final step uses the same principles as solvent removal, but with a more refined process. This removes any trace materials like solvents, terpenes, and other plant materials that will lower the purity or potency of a distillate. After this process is done, you will be left with a high quality distillate.

What to Look for in Hemp Extraction Equipment

Not everyone can do it, but with the right setup and equipment, you can completely optimize the hemp extraction process. The right equipment is highly critical to making the extraction process, cost-efficient, quick, and convenient.

Let’s find out what to look for in CBD Extraction Equipment

You need CBD Extraction Equipment that has the following features:

  • Highest Yield and Daily Throughput.
  • Smallest Footprint.
  • Low Operating Costs.
  • Unlimited Scalability.
  • GMP Compliance Support.
  • Training of Your Labor Force.
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for All Processing Steps.

All of these features are available in extraktLab’s extractors.

extraktLAB’s line of supercritical CO2 extractors are the most advanced, efficient, and powerful extractors in the hemp and botanical extraction industry today.

With a throughput capacity from 79 to 844 pounds per day depending on the extractor model, the e-110, e-140, and e-180 extractors are powerful, efficient, and practical systems for producers who want the highest possible quality and productivity.

These extractors are designed to provide the highest throughput yield in the shortest period of time while satisfying the traceability requirements for GMP compliance.

extraktLAB’s supercritical CO2 extractor series are of the highest quality and productivity built with safety, efficiency, and overall quality in the extraction industry today.

Best Method for CBD Oil Extraction

When it comes to CBD extraction, there are quite a few methods that are practiced. However, the best method for CBD oil extractions is Supercritical Co2 extraction.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is practiced to extract the desired substance from plants. One of its major uses is in the extraction of CBD oil from hemp. CO2 extraction offers excellent hemp oil extraction.

Working principle of Co2 Extraction

  • Carbon dioxide is used at an elevated temperature and pressure to extract soluble compounds from the plant. Above the critical temperature, CO2 becomes a supercritical fluid, increasing its ability to solve non-polar compounds.
  • Under supercritical conditions, carbon dioxide acts much like fluid solvents in terms of its solubility selectivity. It results in excellent extraction. By raising the temperature and pressure of the carbon dioxide, the process speeds up.
  • When it moves through the biomass, the non-polar compounds get dissolved because the supercritical fluid breaks it down. Once this has happened, the liquid carbon dioxide reverts back to the gaseous state and leaves behind a “crude oil” that contains CBD.

Benefits of CO2 Extractions

So, we have seen how CO2 extraction occurs and why it’s effective for CBD oil extraction. Let’s look at its benefits to find out why it’s the preferred method for CBD oil extraction.

  • The CO2 extraction system is the most environmentally-friendly extraction method. Because CO2 is considered a natural solvent, a producer can more readily become a certified organic manufacturer. With other extraction methods, there are risks of chemical residuals, which is not the case with the CO2 extraction method.
  • It’s much less expensive than other extraction systems. If your preference is to obtain less expensive products, then CO2 extraction is the best choice.
  • Since there are no chemical denaturants leftover because of this extraction method, it creates the safest products for customers.

Consider the Operating Costs First

However ripe a business opportunity extraction may be, building and maintaining momentum must involve a firm grasp and accurate calculation of operating costs and cannabis extraction equipment cost. For example, let’s say that a home brewer makes a new stout beer in his garage, and after selling a few batches to friends, decides to use his passion to launch a formal business.

After calculating his operating expenses, he determines that his operating cost to produce a pint of beer is about $2. This is a powerful piece of knowledge, as it can be used to calculate margin, project future revenue, and build a plan to scale up operations. Realistic calculations of operating expenses can mean the difference between expanding or closing your doors in the first six months.

Thinking of starting an extraction business? You’re not alone. Check this article for CBD extraction machine cost that you need to know. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp production, the extraction industry has seen a boom in the last six months. There’s never been a more exciting or lucrative time to work in extraction, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before jumping in feet first.

Calculate Your Cannabis Business Operating Cost

Starting a Cannabis Business? Check out our Calculators and to analyse costs, estimated revenue, yield, initial investments and important metrics for your extraction business.

Why Your Operating Costs Matter

Louis Mosca writes in Forbes, “Understanding your true operating costs will allow you to set realistic pricing in your bids/estimates/quotes. Without it, you could be seriously underbidding your products and services, with disastrous results.” It is powerful knowledge precisely because there is so much promise in doing it right, and so much risk in doing it wrong. Guesstimates aren’t going to cut it.

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As the cannabis industry grows, the margins are going to become thinner. It is inevitable that large multinational corporations are going to enter the cannabis economy and try to claim a piece of it. When big players compete in the marketplace and consumers have real choices, the players with the lowest operating expenses can offer their products at more competitive prices, while still making a profit.

Comparing Costs: Supercritical CO2 Extraction vs. Ethanol Extraction

What factors contribute to a cannabis extraction lab’s operating expenses? There are several extraction methods that are popular, and some of the larger businesses use more than one method, depending on what they are manufacturing. But here we will consider only two: ethanol extraction systems and supercritical CO2 extraction. When formulating your operating costs which includes CBD extraction equipment cost, this list is a good place to start. Remember you want to calculate the cost to produce, for example, a gram of winterized crude CBD oil.

Input Biomass (Plant Material)

Unless you have a grow contract with a cannabis cultivator, surprisingly, this may be the most difficult thing to predict, as the fluctuation in prices could be caused by anything from government regulation to the weather. If you don’t purchase biomass, you’ll probably be looking to set up toll processing (flat fee for a set amount of processing) or split contracts (whatever product is produced is divided up) with the grower of the biomass. This is basically the same whether you are extracting with ethanol or CO2.

Outside Testing

Both extraction methods require testing by independent laboratories to ensure THC level compliance in CBD oil, and to ensure purity and consistency of product.

Packaging Materials

This list will vary based on the products you offer, but may include materials such as vape pens, cartridges, bottles, boxes, labels, packaging supplies, etc.


Supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction both require the cleaning and maintenance of extraction machines and all participatory equipment, Buchner funnels, etc.

Differences Between the Two Extraction Methods

Labor costs

Wages, benefits, taxes, workman’s comp, insurance, training, and turnover are calculations found in any business’s operating expense calculation, regardless of extraction method. However, you should consider how many employees you’ll need to run the type of extraction equipment you utilize in your facility–as well as the education level required for operation.

YC-120 Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

Pilotech cannabis oil extraction equipment, being integrated in a mobile framework over a smaller area and using vacuum decompression extraction method for less damage to active ingredients of materials, is suitable for preparation of a small amount of cannabis oil in lab and study of new process.

  • Data Sheet
  • Video
Sr.no Parameter YC-120 cannabis oil extraction machine
1 Power(electric heat) 35000W
2 Voltage 380V
3 Extraction tank capacity 0.12m³
4 Material SUS 304 Stainless Steel
5 Evaporation chamber vacuum degree 0~-0.08MPa
6 Precision of temperature ±2℃
7 Cooling-water 3.5t/h
8 Cooling water pressure <0.3pa
9 Touch screen optional
10 Stainless steel three-decker/outer insulation/intermediate heating

Stainless steel extractor(10L)

Tube array condensator

coiled tube condenser

pipeline sight glass

Stainless steel water ring pump

Omron temperature controller

Stainless steel extract blue

Sanitary safety valve

range of application

Chinese herbal medicine/natural product/ cosmetics/foodstuff

Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

THC, a psychotropic substance in cannabis, is anesthetizing and has many therapeutic effects. There have been extensive discussions on how to effectively extract THC. Our cannabis oil extraction machine provides one of the most effective extraction methods.

Our YC-120 cannabis oil extraction machine is designed for small-scale experiments and pilot-scale trials, with capacities of 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 100L, 150L, 200L, and other customizable capacities for your specific needs.

Pilotech YC-120 cannabis oil extraction machine works by vacuum low-temperature extraction and hot reflux. Heating is performed by a jacket heater and the temperature is controlled by Omron temperature controller, which is very accurate with accuracy of 2°C.

Pilotech cannabis oil extraction machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is GMP-compliant, safe and reliable,and 316L stainless steel is optional.

The extractor consists of an extraction tank, a duplex strainer, a condenser, a defoamer, a vacuum pump, and an oil-water separator. The extraction tank has a three-layer jacket structure. And the duplex strainer has options of 100 mesh, 200 mesh, and 400 mesh.

Pilotech YC-120 cannabis oil extraction machine can also be used for extraction and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, fruits, natural products, etc., by hot reflux extraction or percolation extraction, and for recovery of volatile aromatic oils. Concentration is done at low temperature and under vacuum. It is highly efficient.

Pilotech YC-120 cannabis oil extraction machines have been sold to over 1500 customers, and their durability has won good reputation among the users.

We also prepared tutorial video for the extractors with a step by step guide, so that our customers can get familiar with the device quickly without any requirements for experiences.

If you are looking for suitable cannabis oil extraction machine, contact us for a quick quote now.

Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import cannabis oil extraction machine from China, read this guide.

It answers all questions you are asking about cannabis oil extraction equipment.

So, if you want to be an expert in cannabis oil extraction machine, read this guide.

What Is Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

The Cannabinoid (CBD) extraction machine is a piece of equipment specialized in extracting cannabis oil.

Generally, the machine extracts the sought-after compounds of cannabis.

Many know cannabis for its adverse effects however, it can be used for medicinal reasons. Importantly, cannabis oil has psychoactive elements which are useful in the medical world.

Depending on the type of cannabis plant, the machine extracts oil from either the plant’s glands or the seeds (for hemp).

Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

Is Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine Similar To CBD Extraction Machine?

Cannabinoid (CBD) is a chemical compound usually found in cannabis and hemp. The cannabis oil is extracted mostly for the CBD compound.

Having said that, it is right to conclude that Cannabis oil and CBD are alike. Meaning a Cannabis Oil extraction is similar to the CBD extraction machine.

Why Should You Invest In Cannabis Oil Extraction Equipment?

Cannabis oil extraction is a demanding process. Consequently, you will need the right equipment to ease the extraction process.

From the above statement, you can deduce one reason you need a Cannabis oil extraction machine.

Below are the top reasons why purchasing the machine will be a good idea.

  • To produce potent and high-quality cannabis oil.
  • Unlike most equipment, the cannabis oil extraction machines occupy less space. However, the size can also be large depending on your need.
  • Additionally, cannabis oil extraction machines have flexible prices thus they can fit within your budget.
  • The fast processing capability of the machine. A standard cannabis oil extraction equipment can process 6 to 22L of the product in under 2 hours.
  • Also, the machine offers flexibility with regard to operation. Meaning, the machine can either have a non-solvent or solvent-based operation.
  • Nonetheless, fully automated cannabis oil extraction machines are easy to use with less operation experience required.
  • Safety is key when using any equipment. Having that in mind, the cannabis oil extraction machine is built according to ASME standards to ensure user safety.
  • Moreover, the machines do have a long life span and low maintenance requirements.
  • Lastly, in addition to the long lifespan, cannabis oil extraction machines do have warranties. This is a hedge from unforeseen mechanical breakdowns.

Which Are The Solvent-Based Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine Types?

The use of solvents in cannabis oil extraction is gaining popularity, majorly due to their efficiency. Also, it is easy to scale solvents.

The solvent-based cannabis oil extraction machine types differ in terms of the solvent used. Below are some of the common solvents used which determine the machine type.

Alcohol (Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol)

Many know ethanol for its use as an intoxicating agent in beer, wine, and liquor. However, ethanol has also been widely applied in extraction industries for thousands of years.

It is considered a ‘clean solvent’ since it doesn’t leave any residual solvent in the resulting end product. Also, its versatility makes it ideal in extracting various cannabis and hemp products.

Ethanol is a popular solvent in the extraction of valued cannabinoids like THC and CBD from hemp and cannabis.

Machines that use alcohol as a solvent mainly carry out the below process:

  • They soak the cannabis plant material with alcohol or ethanol.
  • Through its squeezing effect, ethanol withdraws the cannabis oil from the cannabis plant material.
  • Later, the plant material is removed through sieving.
  • The remaining liquid is then filtered for the remaining impurities.
  • The alcohol or ethanol component is eliminated via evaporation. The remaining substance after evaporation is the cannabis crude oil.
  • Specific components from the crude oil such as CBD, THC, and CBG can be obtained through decarboxylation, distillation, and chromatography.

Note: Ensure the soaking time is efficient for complete extraction.

The ethanol solvent needs to be pre-chilled to -40 o C, to help reduce the necessity of post-extraction procedures.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

In this extraction procedure, pressurized carbon dioxide is utilized to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis.

Equipment using CO2 for extraction is sophisticated due to the much precision needed. However, the end product is potent, pure, and chlorophyll-free.

A machine that uses CO2 for cannabis oil extraction generally use the below procedure:

  • In the initial stage, CO2 gas is converted to a liquid state. This is achieved by simultaneously dropping the temperature below -56.11 o C and increasing the pressure above 75 pounds psi.
  • Next, using a heater, the temperature and pressure are raised to the point the CO2 liquid attains the ‘supercritical’ state.
  • The CO2, now in its supercritical state, is introduced into the hemp or cannabis material.
  • As the CO2 passes through the materials, it dissolves the trichomes’ membranes. This way it extracts cannabinoids and terpenes like THC and CBD.
  • Next, the resulting solution after extraction is passed through a separator where the desired compounds, majorly terpenes and cannabinoids are removed and collected.
  • Lastly, the CO2 condensed back to the prior liquid state and reused for another extraction procedure.

Note: The special equipment used to extract cannabis oil using CO2 is known as a closed-loop extractor. It is comprised of three chambers:

  • Chamber 1 – Has pressurized liquid CO2
  • Chamber 2 – Having the hemp or cannabis material
  • Chamber 3 – A separator


Hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, and hexane can also be used in cannabis oil extraction.

Notably, equipment that employs hydrocarbon extraction is relatively cheaper than those using ethanol and CO2.

Importantly, depending on the type of hydrocarbon used, the resulting end product (residue) may be different. For example, butane will produce butane hash oil, while the use of propane will result in propane hash oil.

Most machines use butane for the extraction process. The basic steps employed by these machines are:

  • Putting the cannabis material and butane in a highly pressurized heat exchanger system.
  • The solvent will be easy to eliminate since the vacuum pressure turns it into a gaseous state that is easy to eliminate.
  • The residue will comprise CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids, and plant lipids and waxes.
  • To further separate the individual components you can either carry out dewaxing, centrifugation (to remove plant terpenes), or winterization (to remove plant lipids and waxes).

Note: The same procedure will apply for propane, however under lower temperatures. This is because propane has a boiling point of -42 o C which is lower than butane’s boiling point of -1 o C.

Machines that use hydrocarbon for extraction are referred to as closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment.

Edible Oils

Most small–scale cannabis oil home extractors use edible or vegetable oils as solvents. However, this option does not produce oil with high self-life or potency.

Machines using the edible oil solvents use the below procedure:

  • The cannabis plant material undergoes decarboxylation, which involves heating to transform them into a bioavailable version.
    For example, CBDA becomes CBD, while THCA is transformed into THC.
  • After decarboxylation, the plant material is then added to vegetable oil. The mixture is then heated for about 1 to 2 hours at a temperature of 100 o
    This permits the binding of the fatty acids and the fat-attracted decarboxylated cannabinoids.
  • The plant material is then filtered out leaving a residue comprising of terpenes, vegetable oil, cannabinoids, and waxes.

Note: Decarboxylation can be done for 30 minutes at a temperature of 140 o C or for 60 minutes at a 120 o C temperature.

These machines produce unrefined oil that will make the THC or CBD oil taste like cannabis.

Are There Non-Solvent Cannabis Oil Extraction Machines?

Yes, cannabis oil extraction machines can either use solvents or non-solvents for extraction. Notably, cannabis oil extracted minus solvent is perceived as safer.

The non-solvent machines help in the extraction of cannabis components that need not be extracted using solvents. These components include:

  • Hash Its extraction involves freezing and crushing cannabis buds into small pieces over a filter
  • Rosin Its extraction involves high pressurization and heating of the cannabis.
  • Kief Most natural, potent, pure and versatile cannabis component. Easily separated by grinding and sieving hence you can use a weed grinder to extract it.

The major extraction methods that non-solvent extraction machines employ can be either of the below:

  • Mechanical Separation or Ice Water Extraction
  • Cold Pressed Extraction
  • Rosin Pressed Extraction
  • Keif and Hashish Pressed and/or Screened extraction

Note: Both Kief and Hash are extracted from trichomes. Trichomes are the structures that coat the outer part of the marijuana flowers.

Which Is The Best Extraction Method To Apply In Your Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

You can use either solvent or non-solvent extraction methods in your cannabis oil extraction machine.

For the solvent extraction method, the major solvents used are either ethanol or butane. However, you can also use edible oils, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide.

For non-solvent oil extraction, the cold press is a widely used method.

The other options, rosin press and screened extraction, extracts components of marijuana rather than the oil.

Arguably, non-solvent extraction methods produce purer cannabis oil.

However, they give a low yield compared to the solvent extraction methods.

On the other hand, solvent extraction methods have higher yields.

Additionally, ethanol (‘clean solvent’) does not leave any residual solvent on the final product.

Lastly, solvent extraction methods are quicker compared to non-solvent extraction methods.

How Does Supercritical CO2 CBD Oil Extraction Equipment Compare To Ethanol CBD Oil Extraction Machine?

Both CO2 and Ethanol are solvents used in the extraction of CBD oil. However, the machines that use these solvents differ in a number of ways.

The table below is a simplified comparison of these two machine types.

Variable Ethanol CBD Oil Extraction Machine Supercritical CO2 CBD Oil Extraction Machine
Solvent Strictly organic ethanol No specific requirements for the CO2
Solvent Cost Food-grade ethanol, with no chemical contamination, is expensive. The price per Kg of CO2 is low.
CBD Recovery Low CBD recovery of between 50-80 % High CBD recovery of between 85-95%
Carbon Requirement Carbon may be required to remove chlorophyll No carbon requirement
Solvent Recovery The expensive cost of ethanol makes its recovery a necessity. No need to recover CO2. Instead, the machine automatically recycles the CO2
Extracted biomass reuse Extracted biomass is treated as hazardous waste since it can be toxic and/or flammable. Extracted biomass is clean and can be used as a source of food-grade amino acids.
Extracted biomass transportation Due to the potential toxicity and flammability, transportation is regulated No transport regulation.
Fractional crystallization (Winterization) For cold extraction (less than -20 o C) winterization is not needed. For subcritical extraction, winterization is not always a necessity.
Safety Potential fire hazard No fire hazard since CO2 is inert.
Infrastructures Requires complex hazardous infrastructures. Minimal infrastructure requirement.
Machine Cost (1 ton per day capacity) Price ranges between $2 – $3 Million Price ranges between $3 – $4 Million
Operation cost High operational costs including ethanol cost, ethanol recovery, high insurance, carbon scrubbing costs, and energy costs Medium operation cost since CO2 is relatively cheap. Also, the insurance is low.
Scalability Easy scalability of up to 10 tons a day, within 450m 2 Easy scalability of up to 10 tons a day, within 450m 2
Requirements after scaling About 7000 amps, 230 V 3-phase cooling system, and a C1D2 special room About 2400 amps, 230 V 3-phase cooling system, and an F classification building
Flavor and aroma retention Terpenes are lost during processing hence there is no aroma and flavor retention. Terpenes are harvested during processing hence the flavor and aroma are retained.
Environmental Consideration Cooling below 20 o C leads to high energy consumption. Also, ethanol is regarded as toxic CO2 is considered by the American Chemical Society as a green solvent, due to its non-toxicity and renewability.

Can Ethanol Contaminate The CBD Oil When Using Ethanol Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

Yes, for example, during distillation to finalize the extraction process, some ethanol contaminants with higher boiling points are not removed.

What Are Some Of The Products You Can Make Using The Oil From The Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

After extracting cannabis oil from the cannabis oil extraction machine, it doesn’t mean you call it a day. There is still more you can do with cannabis oil by refining it.

You can opt to sell the crude oil to companies for further processing. Alternatively, you can process the oil in your extraction lab to attain either or all of the below products:

  • Wax
  • Distillate
  • Isolate
  • E-liquid
  • Sheets or crystals

Popular products manufactured using the CBD include:

  • Sublingual sprays
  • Gels and creams
  • Vapors
  • Food and beverages
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

Is It Legal To Purchase Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

In some countries non-medical use of cannabis is illegal. However, this does not make owning a cannabis oil extraction machine illegal.

Importantly, you need to know the laws of the country you are in.

For example, you can purchase a machine yet transportation of marijuana in your country is illegal. Meaning, you will lack the raw material for cannabis oil extraction.

CBD Extraction Machine

What Are The Key Features Of The Best CBD Oil Extraction Machine?

Some key features you ought to consider for an ideal CBD oil extraction machine include:

  • An automated monitor screen for ease of operation
  • Heat exchangers made of steel to reduce the chances of corrosion
  • Air-filled loading lids for a tight and stable fitting
  • Easy scalability
  • High-pressure conditions for maximum and fast extraction
  • High yield, in terms of production level per hour
  • High capacity of the machine, in terms of how much cannabis it can hold
  • Support that is GMP compliant
  • Low operating costs

What Are The Main Parts And Components Of Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

There are various types of cannabis oil extraction machines. The structure and parts of the machine will depend on the solvent used.

As such parts and components are not similar in all the machines. Smaller machines tend to have fewer parts and components.

Let’s have a look at some major components of the industrial cannabis oil extraction machines:

  • Automated Screen Monitor – To help the operator monitor the development of the extraction operation
  • Air-Filled Loading Lids – For tightening the top of the extractor after the material has been loaded
  • Extraction Cylinder This is where the extraction takes place. A machine can have merged cylinders to increase capacity.
  • Reactors – Which act as pressurized vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Collector Vessel – For collecting the extract.

As mentioned earlier, some parts may differ according to the machine type. Consider the examples below.

  • Carbon Dioxide Pumps And Cylinder Systems – For machines using CO2 as a solvent
  • Cold Chambers For Machines using Ethanol as a solvent

How Does Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine Operate?

In this case, we consider a solvent-based cannabis oil extraction machine:

  • First, the solvent is fed into the operating tank.
  • The solvent, from the operating tank, is then introduced to the plant material in the extraction cylinder. Here, the extraction process commences.
  • Next, the extract pours from the extraction cylinder into the collecting vessel. The solvent then begins to vaporize at this stage.

Heat can be applied on the collecting vessel to increase the vaporization rate.

  • The solvent then moves through the expansion filter. Here, the vaporized solvent drops to the vessel’s lower parts.

It is then withdrawn through a recovery pump.

What Are The Maintenance Guidelines For Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

Maintaining a cannabis oil extraction machine starts right from its operation. Below are some guidelines to guide you in maintaining your machine.

  • Read the user guides, before operating the machine, to help you operate the machine effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure that all the parts of the machine are in good shape and properly placed before powering up the machine. You can use the machine’s manual to check this.
  • Depending on the oil ensure you adjust the extraction temperature. Usually, the temperature ranges between 120 o C to 180 o
    You should also warm up the machine under cold room temperature conditions.
  • Ensure even loading of the materials to the machine to ensure consistent and efficient production.
  • Check that the blower or fans are functional if you intend to use the machine for a long time. Either of the two will help cool down the machine.
  • Come up with a maintenance schedule, in line with your production schedule. This way, you will routinely carry out maintenance on your machine.
  • Lastly, ensure you fill in your machine’s logbook for future reference. Also, regular filling of the logbook will help you note any decline in production levels.

Which Are The Main Sanitary And Hygienic Design Requirements For Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

Sanitation is critical in the edibles industry.

Since cannabis oil is meant for human consumption, sanitary standards must be upheld in its production.

Importantly, keen interest is put in the design of cannabis oil extraction machines to ensure they meet the required sanitary standards.

Below are the major sanitary parameters considered during the construction and design of a cannabis oil extraction machine.

Contact Surfaces

These are the interior parts or the parts that come into contact with the oil and the materials. Contact services should be:

  • Impervious and smooth
  • Have no cracks
  • Constructed from non-absorbent and non-porous materials
  • Non-reactant to the materials (cannabis and solvents)
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Toxin-free
  • Cleanable
  • Not contamination prone

Non-contact Surfaces

Majorly, the non-contact surface needs to be easy to clean and have a good finishing. Non-contact surfaces may act as a breeding spot for bacteria that develop due to material spillage.


Various materials are used in the construction of a cannabis oil extraction. Listed below are some recommended materials for sanitary purposes.

  • Stainless Steel –Durable, corrosion resistant, and cheaper; thus the most ideal for contact surfaces. Also, it is less prone to contamination and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

  • Titanium – More durable, high corrosion resistance, but more costly than stainless steel
  • Platinum – Similar to titanium, it is of high quality but expensive
  • Copper – Not ideal for acidic solvents
  • Aluminum – Also not ideal for corrosive solvents. Plus, it is meant for lightweight

Surface Texture

The surface texture; after texturing, polishing, or grinding; should:

  • Have no cracks
  • Meet sanitary standards
  • Be Smooth


A cannabis oil extraction machine should not have any crevices or sharp corners that may be a breeding spot for bacteria.

Also, the machine should be easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Nonetheless, the tanks and vessels should be self-draining with no obstruction. Lastly, permanent pipes should be positioned downwards for easy drainage.

How Do You Troubleshoot Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

The table below is a quick troubleshooting guide for the three main problems your cannabis oil extraction machine may be having.

What Are The Key Factor To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil Extraction Equipment?

Similar to any other equipment, you should consider the below factors when purchasing a CBD oil extraction machine.

  • Machine’s Safety – The machine should not pose any adverse risks to the operator or the people around.
  • Drawbacks Of The Machine – Generally, the benefits should outweigh the drawbacks of the machine.
  • Automation – An automated machine is more efficient, highly productive, has low labor requirement, and easy to operate.
  • Cost – It is a fact that cheap is expensive, but do not overstretch your budget. You can find quality machines that are cost-friendly.

Are There Medical Cannabis Oil Extraction Machines?

Yes, mostly cannabis oil is extracted for its medicinal properties. Deductively, almost all cannabis oil extraction machines are medical.

However, the small-scale (used at home) machines may not meet the required medical standards.

What Are The Advantages Of Industrial CO2 Cannabis Oil Extractor Machine?

The CO2 extraction machine has the following benefits:

  • Cheaper option compared to other extraction systems. Despite the higher initial cost of the machine, it has a low operation cost.
  • Most environmentally friendly solvent-based extraction equipment for cannabis oil. The American Chemical Society labels CO2 as a green solvent.
  • Leaves no chemical denaturants creating a safer cannabis oil.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Oil Extraction Machines?

Most manufactures of Cannabis oil extraction machines have an online presence. Meaning, you can visit their websites and make purchases.

Alternatively, you can visit online stores with a variety of sellers and purchase your cannabis oil extraction machine.

The last option will be making a personal visit to a manufacturer and selecting the type of cannabis oil extraction machine you need. Importantly, ensure you make your purchase from reputable manufacturers or vendors.

What Is The Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine Price Range?

Generally, home-based cannabis oil extraction machines are cheaper the industrial ones.

An industrial cannabis oil extraction machine will range anywhere between $4,000 to about $200,000.

Conversely, a home-based cannabis oil extraction machine will have a lower price range of between $510 to $4,000.

Which Are The Emerging Trends In Cannabis Oil Extraction?

A remarkable emerging trend is the use of sub-critical solvents such as propane, dimethyl ether, butane, or liquid ammonia for cannabis oil extraction.

Also, countries are gradually legalizing marijuana. Consequently, the cannabis oil industry is growing due to the availability of raw materials.

Additionally, the growing research of the medicinal values of cannabis components is positively impacting the cannabis oil market.

What Are The Safety Certifications And Standards For Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine?

Below are the major safety certifications and standards that will ensure you have a quality cannabis oil extraction machine:

  • FDA approval certificate
  • 3-A sanitary standards certification
  • ASME accreditation and certification
  • GMP certification

Can You Use Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine For The Extraction Of Other Materials?

No, the design of the solvent-based cannabis oil extraction machine is such that it can specifically extract oil from the cannabis plant.

However, some non-solvent-based machines can permit you to extract oil from other oil plants.

Medical Cannabis Extraction Machine

What Are The Important Considerations When Setting Up A Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant?

When setting up a cannabis oil plant, keep in mind the below considerations:

  • Legal Implications – The laws of your state should permit you to set the plant.
  • Extraction Method – This will determine the type of machines you purchase for your plant.
  • Customers – They will affect your level of production, thus determine the size of the plant.

For all your cannabis oil extraction machines, you can contact Pilotech right now.

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