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The plant known as kaneh-bosm in Aramaic is considered by most mainstream Biblical scholars to be calamus, an herb with well-known medicinal effects. But some people believe that kaneh-bosm is actually cannabis, and that Jesus used highly… Salome Aromatic CBD Anointing Oil Highborn formulates all of their sublime small-batch products with the utmost care. Using ingredients sourced directly from organic farmers, the brand (founded Holy Anointing Oil CBD (CBD Oil For sleep), [best CBD oil for ulcerative colitis] Holy Anointing Oil CBD how does CBD oil work Holy Anointing Oil CBD.

The Anointed One: Did Jesus Perform His Miracles with Cannabis Oil?

The plant known as kaneh-bosm in Aramaic is considered by most mainstream Biblical scholars to be calamus, an herb with well-known medicinal effects. But some people believe that kaneh-bosm is actually cannabis, and that Jesus used highly.

“Jesus Healing the Blind” from 12th Century Basilica Catedrale di Santa Maria Nouva di Monreale in Sicily.

Last month the Salt Lake City Tribune ran a story titled “Families Migrating to Colorado for a Medical Marijuana Miracle.” It profiled just a few of the hundreds of children and parents currently uprooting their lives and flocking to the Rocky Mountain State in search of a non-psychoactive cannabis medicine that’s shown promise in treating serious pediatric ailments, even when all other possible treatments have proven futile.

“You’re completely re-establishing your whole life,” one father of a two-year old epilepsy sufferer explained of his family’s recent decision to relocate from Tennessee. “We don’t have a support system. We don’t have friends. We had to find a new church.”

“We can’t leave the state with [cannabis] or it would be a federal offense,” his wife added. “But we just felt like if we knew something was out there that might work and we didn’t try it we’d be doing the ‘what if’s’ our whole life.”

Tales of “miraculous” healing through the use of highly-concentrated cannabis oil have been circulating within the global marijuana community for almost ten years, but they only broke into the popular consciousness this August, when Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, offered millions of viewers a painful apology for previously dismissing mounting evidence in favor of medical cannabis, describing himself as having been “systematically misled” on the subject.

Then Dr. Gupta introduced the world to six-year-old Charlotte Figi from Colorado Springs, Colorado, who used to suffer 300 gran mal seizures per week, even after cycling through every anti-seizure medicine in the pharmacopeia and enduring a series of painful procedures that left her unable to walk, talk or eat. Those seizures started when Charlotte was just three months old, and yet in all that time, not one medical professional ever so much as mentioned cannabis. Her parents only learned the herb might help treat Dravet’s—the rare, intractable form of epilepsy tormenting their child—by watching a video on Youtube, and even then only decided to try it after all else failed.

The first time they gave their daughter a dose of wholly plant-derived non-psychoactive high-CBD cannabis oil, her seizures ceased for seven straight days—a completely astonishing response. She’s now down from more than 1,200 major seizures per month to just two or three mild ones. Towards the end of the CNN segment, as Charlotte happily pedaled her bicycle, her father asked, “Why were we the ones that had to go out and find this natural cure? How come our doctors didn’t know about this?”


Now imagine Charlotte Figi living not in modern day Colorado, but in the Middle East, roughly 2000 years ago. Whether an object of pity, scorn, fear, or fascination, that poor young girl likely would’ve been thought to be demonically possessed—her deeply religious community would have had no concept of epilepsy as we know it today. At least until the day a stranger came to town, calling himself Jesus of Nazareth, but named by his disciples as Christ—a Greek word meaning the anointed.

Following the recipe for holy anointing oil found in the Old Testament (Exodus 30: 22-23), this healer of local renown would infuse nine pounds of a plant known in Aramaic as kaneh-bosm (fragrant cane) into about six quarts of olive oil, along with essential extracts of myrrh, cinnamon, and cassia. He would then apply this unguent concoction topically to the infirm, allowing it to absorb transdermally.

According to conventional Biblical scholarship, the “250 shekels of kaneh-bosm” listed in ancient Hebrew versions of the Old Testament supposedly refers to calamus, but Chris Bennett, author of the 2001 book Sex, Drugs, and Violence in the Bible claims that this is a misconception, and likely a misdirection as well, one stemming from a perhaps willful mistake made the first time the Old Testament was translated into Greek.

Kaneh-bosm, he writes, was cannabis.

_The first solid evidence of the Hebrew use of cannabis was established in 1936 by Sula Benet, a little known Polish etymologist from the _Institute of Anthropological Sciences in Warsaw. The word cannabis was generally thought to be of Scythian origin, but Benet showed that it has a much earlier origin in Semitic languages like Hebrew, and that it appears several times throughout the Old Testament. Benet explained that “in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament there are references to hemp, both as incense, which was an integral part of religious celebration, and as an intoxicant.”

_Benet demonstrated that the word for cannabis is _kaneh-bosm_, also rendered in traditional Hebrew as _kaneh_ or kannabus. The root kan in this construction means “reed” or “hemp”, while bosm means “aromatic”. This word appears five times in the Old Testament; in the books of Exodus, the Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel…. and has been mistranslated as calamus, a common marsh plant with little monetary value that does not have the qualities or value ascribed to kaneh-bosm. The error occurred in the oldest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint in the third century BC, and was repeated in the many translations that followed._

While that etymogical argument in no way serves as material proof, the “aromatic reed theory” can serve as the basis for a set of assumptions. Assuming the oil described in Exodus did in fact contain high levels of cannabis, the effective dose of the plant’s medicinal compounds would certainly be potent enough to explain many of the healing miracles attributed to Jesus, as marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for everything from skin diseases and glaucoma to neurodegenerative conditions and multiple sclerosis. Also, while it’s highly unlikely anybody back then had herb capable of competing with the 20-25 percent THC super-chronic Cannabis Cup winners of today, there’s also no reason to believe that artful botanists of the ancient world couldn’t have bred and grown plants in the 10 percent THC range—with perhaps even higher levels of CBD than our modern hybrids—a cannabinoid profile that advocates claim is potent enough to produce a truly profound reaction when absorbed in such large amounts.


Kaneh-bosm makes its first, rather auspicious appearance in the Bible as part of the story of Moses and the burning bush, when the revered Jewish prophet gets the holy anointing oil recipe direct from the Lord, along with clear instructions to anoint only the priest class—a restriction later eased to allow kings access as well.

Exodus 30:31

You shall speak to the sons of Israel, saying, “This shall be a holy anointing oil to me throughout your generations. It shall not be poured on anyone’s body, nor shall you make any like it in the same proportions; it is holy, and it shall be holy to you. Whoever shall mix any like it or whoever puts any of it on a layman shall be cut off from his people.

Unfortunately for the priests and their erstwhile marijuana monopoly, however, many other competing religions and spiritual paths active at the time—including pagans and those who worshipped the Goddess Ashera—had their own far more free-flowing kaneh-bosm supply. Cannabis, after all, has been grown as a food crop since at least 6,000 BC and was well known and widely available in Moses’s time.

“There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion,” according to Carl P. Ruck, a professor of classical mythology at Boston University who studies the way psychoactive substances have influenced humanity’s spiritual development. “There is no way that so important a plant as a fiber source for textiles and nutritive oils and one so easy to grow would have gone unnoticed… the mere harvesting of it would have induced an entheogenic reaction.”

Which means it wasn’t so much the cannabis plant that ancient Judaic priests tried to keep to themselves, as the healing potential of high-potency anointing oil passed down to them by Moses. A prohibition they maintained by targeting for elimination anybody who dared to break God’s commandment by sharing the elixir with the masses, assuming that kaneh-bosm is cannabis.


Aside from crucifixion, Jesus’s baptism is considered by many researchers the only historically certain fact about his life. The New Testament’s vivid accounts of the ceremony make it clear that the apostles considered their savior’s encounter with John the Baptist to be a pivotal and transformative event, one that marks the beginning of his public ministry.

Mark 1: 9-13

It came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And straightway coming up out of the water, He saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him. And there came a voice from Heaven, saying, ‘Thou Art My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased.’ And immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered unto Him.

But if water served as the catalyst for Jesus’s spiritual ascension, why does he never perform a baptism? Why take the name Christ? And why anoint his flock in oil before sending them out to anoint others, as described in Mark 6:13: They cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.

To those who believe that Christ used cannabis oil, the answer lies in non-canonical Christian texts. The canonical texts of the New Testament, that is the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc, were not selected as such until around 325 years after Jesus’s death, when the Roman Catholic Church culled them from a large number of contenders in hopes of uniting all of Christendom under one banner—their own. The Church then sought out and destroyed every account that differed from their now official version of events. Allowing the very empire Jesus once virulently opposed to seize control over the practice of Christianity for a thousand year period known as the Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, any Christians who continued to promote alternate views of Jesus and his teachings were labeled heretics and brutally suppressed. Much of their scripture and dictates were thought to be lost forever as a result, until 1945, when an Egyptian peasant digging for fertilizer in a cave unearthed a dozen leather-bound codices inside a sealed jar, a treasure trove purposely buried there by scribes at a nearby monastery sometime around AD 367, when the Church first condemned the use of non-canonical texts.

Within these volumes—many of which predate the books of the New Testament—Biblical experts discovered a parallel but radically different telling of the life of Jesus, one that places the anointing ceremony squarely at the center of Christianity. So much so that these various sects were given the blanket name Gnostics (from the Greek word for “knowledge”) to highlight their shared focus on first-hand experience of the holy oil as what defines a christian, rather than second-hand faith in scripture or the priesthood.

The Gnostic tractate The Gospel of Phillip, for instance, proclaims that any person who “receives this unction…is no longer a christian but a Christ.” A transformation then compared to the placebo act of baptism adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, in which would-be initiates “go down into the water and come up without having received anything… [Because] there is water in water, there is fire in chrism [an anointing].”

Basically, the Gnostics believed Jesus’s baptism took place, but only as a kind of cleansing ritual, in preparation for receiving holy anointing oil—the true sacrament. As Chris Bennett writes, “The surviving Gnostic descriptions of the effects of the anointing rite make it very clear that the holy oil had intense psychoactive properties that prepared the recipient for entrance into ‘unfading bliss.’”


Lytton John Musselman, a Professor of Botany at Old Dominion University and author of A Dictionary of Bible Plants (Cambridge 2011), says he’s familiar with the theory that keneh-bosem refers to cannabis, but remains wholly unconvinced, calling the evidence claiming marijuana to be part of the holy anointing oil “so weak I would not pursue it.” He also defends calamus as capable of producing medicinal effects on par with those described in the Bible.

“Calamus is a very important component of Ayurvedic medicine and has been shown to have efficacy,” according to Musselman. “For example, in Sri Lanka it is available in any herbal remedy shop and also universally grown in home gardens. The North American species was and is so important to Native Americans in the Northeast that land with natural populations is highly sought after.”

Like most Biblical scholars, Musselman gives little consideration to the idea that Jesus used marijuana to perform the kind of healing miracles we now see on CNN and read about in the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Understandably, for children like Charlotte Figi and their families, religion, history, politics, medicine, and the law all must take a backseat to the positive effects they are experiencing treating illness with marijuana. As Jesus said to his apostles after preaching at Lake Galilee:

Mark 4: 21-23

Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.

Remember, lamps back then were fueled with oil.


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In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years have passed.She had been looking forward to the day when the people of the Wei family who were hidden can you ingest CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD deep in the ground finally saw the light of Holy Anointing Oil CBD day She couldn t wait After the reunion banquet, the matter of inviting the tablets of the CBD oil capsules for pain Wei family was officially put on the agenda.This was the only wish that Concubine Wei had in her heart when she was injured and sick.Wei Changting attached buy CBD hemp oil near me great importance to it and arranged it early.The 20th day of the revolution CBD oil first lunar month was buy CBD oil croatia an auspicious day, so they set off two days in advance, all the way to the east, straight to the little village where Wei Taifei had kats CBD oil coupon stopped when he was released from the cage.Back then, their group was extremely low key, and they didn t even green leaf hills CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD dare to buy all the incense candles in the small county, for fear best full spectrum water soluble CBD oil of accidentally revealing the Xingzang.

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No one has a more profound can i take young living CBD oil orally experience than Sima Chao Because he faced it personally, just once, he almost died, and now the memories are still lingering.This man in gray is ruthless, and is definitely not a merciful character.As for Yan Changting, the other party has dealt with him many times, but Yan Changting has not suffered any damage.With such conditions and such convenience, he didn t even hurt a single hair on Yan Changting, so it can be seen After instructing Wang Huai, broad spectrum CBD oil wholesale Sima Chao pondered for best hemp CBD oil capsules a moment, put the letter in his arms, stood up and picked up his helmet, Come on, let s go and have a look.Inside the imperial bhakti CBD oil rapana CBD tent, there was a burning smell, Yan Yin was lying on the couch, swallowing clouds and mist, and many veterans buy CBD oil bangkok were waiting outside, glaring at Kou Ziwen.How should I put it, there are people with discerning eyes, who didn t realize it at first, but gradually some people found that this painkiller seemed to be a little bit wrong.

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If the battle on the CBD oil uk amazon plains would be fine, but the terrain of this tiger mouth formation is treacherous, the only one that can charge is a depression in front of them.They rushed over a few times, but they couldn t get past it at all.Zhao Jie s army set up strong bows and bows on both sides of the depression.In the spear formation, let CBD isolate vs oil alone in depth rescue, Zhao Jie also can CBD oil cause constipation has 30,000 how much CBD oil to give dogs Holy Anointing Oil CBD iron cavalry, and Yan Changting is afraid that it will be difficult to rush into the tiger s mouth, let alone break through.Okay ah Not so good Yu Cheng s heart could not help tightening.But this is our only chance Ling Ying gritted her teeth I d rather die in a bloody battle than live alone I ll take his love If you die today, you will arrive at Jiuyou Huangquan.Pay him back next time Ling Ying wiped the residual blood on her face and stared at the Poyang Army who quickly assembled in front of her.

And that beauty mole.Shen Qing does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD does CBD oil get old Holy Anointing Oil CBD used his mind buy CBD oil san antonio tx and took advantage of the confusion of the refugees to get a portrait back.Everyone looked at each other on the spot.Yan Changting frowned, and immediately reached out to cover can CBD oil cause stomach pain Holy Anointing Oil CBD the left half of his face.Go back first The Shen family hurried back.Shen Qing s heart was beating wildly, and she suddenly does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD had a very ominous premonition.All 14 carrot CBD oil the way back to the innermost place, about a mile away from the front of the Soushan Bingjia, the other party could no longer see them, and the Shen family stopped gasping for breath.Yan Changting didn t talk nonsense, he wanted to go by himself A Qing, you go out first, I ll turn back and join you later.He held Shen Qing s hand and said.We re The two of them Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect raw CBD oil for sale said last night that they wanted to go to Huishui.Yan Changting stared at her deeply, and was about to say that we would meet at Huiyang Wharf, but before she could say anything, she was stopped by Shen Qing.

After confirming the good news of Zhang Yun, they squeezed in the street for a while, and the sky was dark, and they went home.Back at Huangyi, Shen Qing looked at her father and Li Zan pushing Shen Jun s back, and whispered to Yan Changting.She said and ran out.Yan Changting pulled her subconsciously, and Shen Qing turned back and smiled, Wait a minute, I ll be back soon As she said that, she pulled away his hand from pulling her sleeve, and disappeared two or three times.The place is empty, and there is only one Yan Changting left Shen Qing squatted on the outside of the wall of her brother s room, and waited until Li Zan came out.He turned out the door and went to the courtyard of his room.Big head, big head Shen Qing quickly pushed him up, the thief looked left and right, Li Zan looked at her suspiciously, What the hell are you trying to burn spots in CBD oil do What the hell Shen Qing rolled his eyes at him, But this time she came to ask for support, so it s not easy to be arrogant.

Impossible to betray But this old man is like a lightning bolt in the night, what did it split open in an instant The people of the Shen family do not only obey him.In fact, he was just a little master, and their real master was actually someone else, but he passed away.These people, before or after his death, were directly or indirectly passed on to their Holy Anointing Oil CBD CBD oil with coconut oil father, son, brother and sister.For example, no matter how difficult or difficult he was, Wang Han and Li Ping never gave up.These two guards with a little disability were actually grandfather Shen s confidants back then.If you choose one, you say, who will they listen to Even, maybe, they will CBD oil test positive for thc were actually ordered to follow him early in the morning The more Shen Jun thought about it, the more he thought affordable CBD oil near me Holy Anointing Oil CBD about it, he held the cane tightly in his hand, he sat down abruptly, quickly turned the wheelchair, and moved out of the tent.

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Yan Holy Anointing Oil CBD Changting turned his head, and after a while, he turned around again, that letter from King Rong, you He pursed his lips and said, but before he finished, Shen Qing angrily stopped him, Don t mention the letter, what s your business What Give me a good time to drive your car I tell you, don t touch my letter again, do you hear Humph What about you, do you hear me Yan Changting s thin lips pursed into a straight line, um.Shen Qing pinched his waist hard, Yan Changting was in pain, but he didn t dare to say a word, He still wanted to defend something, but he was kicked back by Shen Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect Qing, I told you to concentrate on CBD oil cure cancer Holy Anointing Oil CBD driving the car, is it that my words are not easy to use Talking one thing and does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD doing another, you does topical CBD oil work for anxiety have learned quite well.Yan Changting was finally silenced by her choking.Shen Qing was still annoyed, but fortunately Shen Tian rescued Yan Changting.

This is 10 drops of 1500mg CBD oil because it does not care about deducting the energy of the search, and quickly starts a one on one investigation.Found the first one Ah, that s not right The strength of the soul of the tyrant male protagonist is wrong, it fluctuates greatly, and it suddenly soars a lot In layman 10 mg CBD oil per day s terms, for example, it is the same as Shen Qing.Shen Qing urged repeatedly, the system was quiet for a while, and then it screamed like a chicken in fright It s not good, it s not good The system was stunned, but according to the strength of the soul, it had to make a very reasonable guess A Qing, the male protagonist, no, the tyrant has also been reborn Shen Qing Shen Qing Fuck The author has something CBD oil for cats aggression Holy Anointing Oil CBD to say Why did I find Yanzhou In buy bulk wholesale CBD oil my last life, I sent a letter, mentioning the incident in Yanzhou, and listing are CBD capsules as good as oil the clear sky and rainstorm that day as one of the manifestations of anger.

Really.The reason is probably that Shen Qing didn does CBD oil help with enlarged prostate t play the cards as does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD he expected, and played him in a hurry.Shen Qing laughed.She deliberately said, Okay, then I ll go.She was dashing, waved at him, turned and headed towards her tent.She really ran away.Yan Changting The poor 100mg CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD pink bubbles that had been floating in Yan Changting s heart for several days immediately Bang After the smash, he stood alone for a while, looked down and went to Chen Yingyang in despair.After talking about Zhang Yun, he went to the handsome tent.During this process, he did not forget to look up shark tank CBD Oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD and look left and right, but unfortunately Shen Qing No one was seen.He was mourned until he returned to the tent.Who would have guessed that as soon as the tent was lifted, he swept away from the corner of his eye, and blue moon blackkat CBD oil review suddenly his eyes lit up I saw that there was a small, A small sweet white long necked vase with a small pink flower inserted in it, tender and half open, with two green leaves swaying in the breeze.

This is her inspiration from the modern Sichuan face changing.She uses the can you freeze CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD skin of the pig skin that was cut very thinly, and then decorated with makeup powder.It can be used up to five times at a time Six Zhang.In her previous life, she used another vest to walk around the rivers and lakes, and was CBD oil depression Holy Anointing Oil CBD nicknamed the Girl with a Thousand Faces.This vest Yan Changting also knew, and when he saw her smug eyes, he couldn t help but smile a little.He quickly restrained himself.He followed Shen Qing closely and protected her.It was just that Yan Changting didn t have to worry about it, Shen Qing could do it with ease.It s another face.You guys, are you here to save General Huo This is a young captain, who belongs to the Flying Tiger Camp, and is one of the patrol captains in the prison area.He hurried over when he Holy Anointing Oil CBD got the message, and his eyes were very complicated.

Will it be enough to use it again These days, it has been used Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect many times, CBD oil illegal but it has no effect.Don t waste it.It can t be are there different CBD oils wasted any more.The remaining energy buy CBD oil what concentrate is only reserved for Shen Qing s return to the two thousand, and enough to erase his memory.Again, it s not enough Can t best CBD oil stocks 2019 waste any more, don t you go back Shen Qing It s gone so soon Then how about going 1200mg CBD oil for horses to the city Shen Qing thought quickly, her brother was not in good health, if she wanted to stay His life was determined not to be able to go far giving cats CBD oil at once, and after the incident, they strictly guarded against the blockade and interception, and it was more likely that the other party would remain in place.Assuming that the man in grey personally sneaked into the governor s mansion and arranged to kill Gu Min, then the other party must have a stronghold in the city, otherwise the sneaking away would not have been so quick.

The small Zhuangzi are all wooden houses, half new and not old, not at all inconspicuous, but very safe.As soon as they stopped, four or five people came out to greet them.When they saw Tai Concubine Wei, they knelt on their knees and best terpenes to mix in to CBD oil cried bitterly.In the next few days, there were constant voices and horses.It is CBD oil good for dogs with lymphoma was obvious that Taifei Wei s people came one after another.However, these have nothing to do with Shen Qing.After she finally finished crying after the reunion, she entered the house and was placed in the house.She was so hungry that her chest was on her back.On the way, we visited and ran all the way, and everyone didn t eat is CBD oil good for arthritis Holy Anointing Oil CBD anything.Xiao Zhuangzi hurriedly served food, but obviously, there was a lack of a spruce CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD chef here.Shen Qing tried to take a bite, but he didn t bite.She was bitter, and looked does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD at Yan Changting, she knew that Holy Anointing Oil CBD Yan Changting frowned when he saw the meat he brought in, got up and said to her, I ll go see what I can eat.

She was very daring, but at this moment, she couldn t help but feel her scalp tingling, and her heart was trembling when she heard it.But if you think about it, it would be crazy to change her.Looking at Yan Changting again, he found that Yan Changting was staring at Wei Taifei at the moment, his eyes were unprecedentedly complicated.Shen Qing sighed softly in her heart, antiarrhythmics and CBD oil eh, it seems like she found does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD something that wasn t in the plot again After a little treatment of the scene, they left immediately.But there is no need for Shen Qing to arrange the hosting, because 20 best CBD oils Taifei Wei obviously has a route and a goal, and she is happy and relaxed.It took a day for them to leave Gaojing, but they did not leave Gyeonggi.On the third day, they stopped in a small village in diy CBD massage oil the foothills of Yixian County, a small county near Beijing.

The earth trembled slightly with its rhythm, becoming clearer and clearer.Experienced generals and soldiers can tell at a glance that there must be at least tens of thousands of troops.In the middle of the army, Yan Yin was furious sublime CBD oil What What is Zhao Jie doing to eat When Yan Changting missed a shot, he was already furious, but Zhao Jie s army tru nature CBD oil 300mg of 200,000 people had successfully surrounded the Poyang army, and they were waiting for the solution.After the King of CBD oil assistance programs Poyang and the Seven Kings, the Qingshan Army was like a mustard, and it no longer constituted a serious problem for the confidants.In a hurry, with only 20,000 cavalry under Yan Changting, no one bud buddies CBD oil thought he could successfully save the Poyang Army.But, what everyone thought was impossible happened Moreover, although Yan Yin had received the urgent news that Zhao Jie s army was defeated, he never imagined that it was not both lost, that the combined army holy anointing oil CBD of Qingshan Army and Poyang Army could still have nearly 200,000 troops, and it came so quickly Right now, the imperial army is only one line away from defeating the Allied Forces of the Six Kings.

If it was not because he died of a serious illness Early, it is estimated that it is time to cut down the troops further.But it is a pity that Tai Zu died a how long does CBD oil work for little earlier.Perhaps, he died too soon.Today s Yan Yin, black friday CBD oil uk He Tai.Compared with Zu, both power and seniority are far behind.So the Seven Kings couldn CBD oil for dog itchy skin t hold back and turned back.The Queen Mother Feng s life is really not bad.Shen Qing commented after reading the paper and tsk tsk.The names on the piece of paper in her hand were all given by King Yang to the country, and they could arrive at best CBD oil for arthritis in the knee Yangzhou, the capital of Yangdi, before the evening of the second day of the third lunar month.In addition, it is worth mentioning that of the nine pieces of paper, three of them are inked, and the content is for everyone to see.It is completely different from the other six in that the names are not all in one seal, but seven seals.

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I ll listen to you In this life, the next life, the next life, forever and ever, you are clear CBD oil the master.He was answered by a crisp laugh.The sound of footsteps and laughter gradually faded away.The firework sticks burnt out does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD and calmed down, but the lights in the courtyard were still there, the gentle autumn wind was blowing, and the silk painted beauties on the lanterns were squinting, from girls to girls, all the way to their time.The vetoryl and CBD oil stars are shining and they have a long, long future ahead.These precious and beautiful memories will be remembered together with them after the years have passed.The fireworks exploded, sparks bloomed in Wei Changting s eyes, and the bright color of those phoenix eyes suddenly exploded, he held his breath, he couldn t believe it.What a fool.Shen Qing chuckled, she pulled down Holy Anointing Oil CBD his collar, she looked at him for a while with a smile, and pecked his lips.

Shen Qing had previously estimated that he was going to be attacked by Concubine Wei, but he didn t want to, but the process was blue star 1 CBD oil much easier than they thought.Mainly Yan Xiu.It is also the main reason that Concubine Wei only air wick essential mist CBD oil left Yan Changting so little blood.Far away, Yan Xiu happily raised his voice Master, Miss He turned over and dismounted, stepped forward with great joy, and said to Concubine Wei, Little Master is back Concubine Wei stopped the horse, snorted coldly, looked back, and slanted.Yan Xiu glanced at Chang Ting and was about to speak, but was pulled by Yan Xiu first.Yan Xiu lowered his voice and said urgently, Miss The people around were all anxious, and Concubine Wei glanced at Yan Xiu, who was once handsome and healthy.At this moment, the young man had a white and beardless face, and his eunuch s characteristic high pitched voice, she couldn t help pursing her lips.

When he came out from Shen Jun s side, it was already in the middle of the moon.Shen Qing wandered around twice, and couldn t help but turn back and walked towards the handsome tent.The handsome banzel and CBD oil tent was still lit, but Zhang Yun told Shen Qing that Yan Changting was sleeping.Zhang Yun also said that Yan Changting has been very busy recently, CBD oil as lube Holy Anointing Oil CBD and he set off on an expedition to return to the camp s internal affairs.He has been free in the past two days, but he is busy again tonight.This Shen Qing knew that the front of Yan Changting was really overloaded, and it only got better in the past few days.She hooted twice, stood for a while, and finally reached out to raise a little curtain, Yan Changting fell asleep on the long desk, the wolf pen fell on the half written paper, and he turned his face to this side, Under the bright candlelight, you can see the faint blue marks under his eyes.

This can be ruled out directly.And for this poisoner, to be able to get close to Min Gu s medicine, and to freely enter and leave this courtyard, it is necessary for this small group of people in their inner circle.Yan Changting bang CBD oil has always avoided the question raised head on, that is, in the extraordinary period of wartime, mutual suspicion does more harm than good.But today s development really exceeded his Holy Anointing Oil CBD expectations He was Holy Anointing Oil CBD shocked and angry, but he didn t expect that the tentacles of the man in gray were so deeply planted.who is it Who is it After Shen Shi, the people who came to this yard Wei Qu, Chen Yingyang, Shen Jun, CBD oil nerve pain uk Chen Yi, Xie Yinghua, Hongying, Deng Hongsheng, Deng Yan First of all, Doctor Hu first ruled it out, it was unnecessary for him to kill Gu Min.Save, kill do not have to use this means.

The bathrooms of the two rooms are not adjacent to each other.He only vaguely heard her singing, which was a little out of tune, but it Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect was still so crisp 2021 best CBD oil and pleasant.Wu s singing fascinated him, and he listened quietly until he couldn t hear it at all, and then he woke up.He returned to his senses, the hot water in the bath was half warm, and through the remaining water vapor, he looked at the large brass mirror opposite.The copper quality is not very CBD oil springfield il good, half dark, the candle light is flickering, a young man with long eyebrows and white skin like jade is standing quietly on the water.Yan Changting slowly took off his clothes and scrutinized the person in the bronze mirror.Although he was not as strong as the shoulders and backs of the adult in his previous life, his muscles were tight and smooth, and his body was thin and lean.

This costume seems to be the official messenger of the yamen subordinates such as Shaofu and best rated CBD oil made in us Jiangzuo.Don t look, Dad, let s go into the mountain quickly.Shen Jun looked back, frowned, and immediately stopped drinking.It s not that he has no compassion, but that the Shen family, who is in the middle of the family at this moment, really can be regarded as a mud bodhisattva crossing the river.As soon as he dragged his father, the Shen family turned and turned directly into the path behind the thorns In fact, here, Shen Qing has almost bid farewell to this plot.In fact, it is also true that when we come here, it is not a hard hit area surrounded by the city gate of Yanzhou, and the Shen family is not hungry or weak.Ordinary officers and soldiers, Shen Qing can beat ten more than one, and the officers and soldiers are sparse and sparse.

The rich and antique festival atmosphere is not available in modern times.She basically does not fall on every festival.So it is quite familiar.I mixed into the bustling crowd, wandered from the street to the end of the street with great interest, then picked up a few favorite stalls to solve the breakfast, and then kicked and rode out of the city on horses, surrounded by onlookers.After the temple fair of the Temple of Heaven Patching, Yan Changting spread king kalm CBD oil out his palm and handed her a colorful stone the size of a bird s egg, like a conjuration.Ordinary colored stones, dyed with stones, are worth a penny on the street, and three penny in the store, and the price will be about half off by the closing price tonight.But the colored stone that Yan Changting handed her is a real gem, tortoiseshell, the ancient tortoiseshell is very precious, flying with CBD oil 2021 but this one is red and white, bright in color, crystal clear, with clear patterns, soft and bright colors.

Rich would definitely like it.This goes back to the most important topic, money, military spending Wei s military spending must be cut off If it is successful, then it will not even need to unite the two countries of Baiyue and Xiou, and the peak will be self defeating.It s not difficult to understand what Mrs.Kou said, Yan Yin s eyes flashed, and he understood it almost immediately. It is the treasure house of Dazheng In the winter in the south, there is no snow, but there is a kind of dank cold.Many soldiers can t adapt to it, and they have symptoms of discomfort.Sima Chao personally went to the medical camp to visit him, and he visited all the ministries under his command one by one.This man is indeed capable and shrewd.When it is time to comfort the military, he will not ignore it at buy CBD oil for anxiety montclair place montclair ca all, nor will he fake it.

His face was stained with blood, and the rough torn strips of cloth barely stopped Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect buy CBD oil near me Holy Anointing Oil CBD the bleeding, but his face looked extremely bad.There was a semi sloping stone surface behind the place Chen Yingyang was looking for.Obviously, he wanted her to sit and rest, but Concubine Wei was unreliable at all, she straightened her body and looked like she was going to fall to the ground in the next second.The grandparents bluebird botanicals CBD hemp oil had a big fight when they met Concubine Wei Huo leaned over Where s the map Have you got it Yan Changting directly threw the treasure map over.Concubine Wei caught the treasure map flying over with both hands, and couldn t wait to unfold it to see it, but she immediately discovered that there were only half of it here.Ah, why is there only half a picture, best CBD oil copanies how come there is only half a picture Yan Changting said lightly, Sima Chao and Qiu Yuan came can i sell CBD oil on etsy Holy Anointing Oil CBD first, and during the scramble, the treasure map was 420 CBD vape oil CBD oil divided into two.

That person, was he really tortured He didn t have the guts to call the tyrant directly, but over the years, this man is like a mountain on the top of his head, which has made the whole world tremble with fear, even if he knew that the one who broke Gaojing might really be dead, but Everyone took a picture of Yu Wei, but he still lowered his voice subconsciously.The guy who was holding seventeen or eight tea bowls in one hand and Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect kept distributing them couldn CBD oil cure cancer Holy Anointing Oil CBD t help but argue It s true, someone has said it since the day before yesterday.To be well informed, it must be the guy next to the post road.Usually, the old shopkeeper behind the counter would definitely scold when he heard it, but today the old man couldn t help but stop the hand of the abacus beads and said to everyone Daping said That s right, it s true.

Anyway, he is a bad tempered master.Although Yan Changting is very good in Shen Qing s mind, she still knows that this guy has a bad temper.So it s not surprising.She poked at him Concentrate and walk best CBD oil tincture for dogs well.Yan Changting also realized that his emotions were too revealing, he said um and tried to restrain himself, pretending to be the same as usual.The two of them continued to walk along the faint corridor one after the other.He insisted on walking forward, and Shen Qing had no objection.He was better, but she looked at his back and profile, tsk tsk, he seemed to be After growing a little taller, I couldn t help but think about it. Yan Changting has a fair face, which is a kind of cool toned white.Although the texture is translucent and the skin quality is extremely good, it gives people a feeling of being cold and unapproachable.

And the big babies who irrigated Wenwen with nutrient solution, refills and refills Chapter 37 Yan Changting glanced down at the piece of best CBD oil fresh thyme paper Holy Anointing Oil CBD in his hand, frowned slightly, this was not what he wanted.Standing beside him was Ling Ying, Ling Ying also opened the folded paper, Yan Changting saw the name of one of the people in the middle, Gao Zuoyi at first glance.After everyone finished smoking, King Yang said with a smile, Then next, it s up to you to do what you can After speaking, they dispersed, everyone raised their glasses, drank all the spirits in their glasses, and then dispersed.Yan Changting walked out quickly, he took a step ahead of Shen Qing and went out, and went down the steps together with Ling Ying, he flicked the note on his hand, and said to Ling Ying, Change one Ling Ying picked Eyebrows, the best CBD oil for ulcerative colitis Holy Anointing Oil CBD one in 1000mg CBD oil 30ml australia his hand was not very satisfactory, he glanced at the one in Yan Changting s hand, but it was better to operate than the one in his hand.

The black fast horse and the figure were blended together.The cloak was shaking in the wind.He soon discovered Shen Shen Qing, holding the reins on her horse, galloped towards her like the wind A Qing Before he could get close, he couldn t wait to call out.In fact, he came a little later than before.In the past, as soon as Yan Changting returned to the camp, he would rush to her side as soon as he had dealt with Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect the necessary matters, but now he will deliberately stay a little longer, make more tours, inspect the soldiers, and ask Ling Yingyang more.Wang Huo Chunjing and other generals, big and small, went to visit the other party s injuries when necessary, and paid more attention to the world before coming back.But when he was about to run, he finally couldn t control it.He jumped up on the reins and jumped down.

Yan Changting called out, Second brother.Wei Qu s best CBD oil high times eyes were complicated, he was silent for a while, and finally nodded.Third brother.He glanced at Shen Qing and seemed to want to say something, but he stopped and finally did not explain.On the contrary, Shen Qing smiled and said, Second sister asked someone thc free CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD to send a message to you yesterday.Wei Qu has never been heard from, and Shen Tian did not dare to inquire about military secrets, but after a major battle, she was very supportive.worried.Wei Qu was walking towards the inside, halfway through, he stopped, and turned his head to look at Shen Qing.Shen Qing shrugged I didn t tell the second sister, she doesn t know.Wei Qu, This person has been CBD oil oahu such a arrogant character in his two lives.He knows how close the relationship between Yan 600 mg full spectrum natural organic CBD infused oil Changting and the Shen family is.

There was quite a commotion among the people, 80,000 elite cavalrymen rushed out and rushed in, and there was a lot of black people taking CBD oil discussion in the market.Shen Qing and others knew it well, and they didn t talk nonsense.On the first day CBD oil and adderall interaction of returning to Gaojing, they immediately went to the military dependents village to observe on the spot.Martial law has been imposed here, and all villagers within ten miles of the military village have been driven away from their homes, and the post roads and waterways are all Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect blocked and blocked.But fortunately, Gaojing Jiuhe is surrounded, this military village is located in an area with a dense water CBD oil nassau county ny network, there are countless large and small rivers and culverts, it is not so easy to measure and completely sealed at the beginning.In addition, they had some people in the military dependents village.

After entering Shen Qing and himself, he immediately felt much more comfortable.Seeing that an old woman was panicking and timid, she wanted to kneel and pull her child, so he motioned to step forward and pull it away.He reluctantly nodded to the homeless people who were kneeling sporadically, trying to slow down his voice, Get up, don t be too polite.The child was pulled away, the old woman kowtowed, best CBD oil for cats with seizures and he sucked his fingers on the side and looked up curiously.Yan Changting bowed his head and nodded to the grandson and grandson.The mood of the refugees was obviously much better.Some of them were bold enough to come over to greet them, and finally coped with a stiff face.When these newly naturalized refugees dispersed, a chuckle came from behind, and Yan Changting turned back quickly, Shen Qing was standing on the road.

Then Shen Qing complained aloud that Bailizhen, a bragging guy, was actually better than her.When I came bluhm CBD oil back, I gave the prison cart to Fu Jian, and she ran away He dragged Brother Mu, a dog of the opposite sex and inhumane, It was said to be cooking for Brother Mu, but I don t know if it would cause food poisoning.Recently, Bai Lizhen played the role of a good wife and a good mother in the script, which is a bit over the top.The main reason is that Shen Qing s bragging fell into a disadvantage today, and she didn t have time to get it back, she was so uncomfortable.Yan Changting could roughly guess that he was laughing while listening, and best CBD oil for spasticity was kicked by Shen Qing, Why are you laughing I didn t laugh.Lie, you Holy Anointing Oil CBD clearly laughed Quick Say, why are you laughing at me I didn t.The two of them laughed without laughing, and finally ended in Yan Changting s defeat.

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But it was so dangerous and dangerous.The convoy buy CBD oil gallons stopped for a while and asked Dr.Hu to goug out the flesh to remove poison.The strong smell of blood permeated the entire carriage.After finally finishing the treatment, Dr.Hu came out and said, Hurry back, this place is here.Not enough medicine King Rong s situation is more suitable for recuperation, but his life has not been saved, and everything has to withdraw from the shot.Shen Qing urged and said to Yan better life wellness CBD oil Changting, Quick, A Ting, let s hurry back She was so worried that she threw her whole heart into the carriage, Yan Changting s lips The horns sipped extremely tightly, but didn t say anything in the end.He turned his head and ordered to move forward at full speed, rushing back to Nishigaki at the fastest speed.The smoke of gunpowder on the west wall is still there, but the city has been roughly straightened out.

But this also means that this battle was won by the Allied Jedi when the imperial army had an absolute advantage.Master Kou vomited blood directly.In his life, he has followed the army and made countless strategies, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is strategizing and controlling the situation.The stimulation was so great that his almost withered body couldn t bear it all at once, so he spat out a mouthful of blood.Father Kou Ziwen hurriedly leaned over to help him, but was pushed by Taishi Kou, Go, hurry up and save Your buy CBD oil bulk Holy Anointing Oil CBD Majesty Taishi Kou gasped, not even wiping the blood on his cheeks, and immediately took out one Jin Ling, Quick Do you hear me Taishi Kou was also in the 500mg CBD coconit oil army, and under his command, the nearly 50,000 Yin soldiers who had been divided up were evacuated very best way to take CBD oil for anxiety smoothly.

This Sima Chao, if Shen Qing and Yan Changting are here, they should be able levo CBD oil recipe to recognize it immediately.This is quite a remarkable figure, in the later period, the official to the hussar general, in charge of the military power in the world.After Gaojing was broken and Yan Yin was headed by Yan Changting, he led his troops to retreat to Hebei and supported the troops to stand on their own, and the Allied forces who suddenly lost their leaders each accounted for half of the country.As for who won later, Shen Qing didn t know.But if she wanted to buy CBD oil bulk oregon guess, this Sima Chao had a better chance of winning.It was difficult to lose his talent for war and be very brave.Yan Changting, who had a superb record and a convincing skill, had his own thoughts within the allies.Not anymore.Therefore, this Sima Chao is likely to become the final big winner in the end.

Although this woman has lost a lot of weight, her back is still straight like a javelin.Since she can get up and get on a horse, whenever she needs to move, she travels on horseback.Today is no exception.Aochuan Fengye, hunting and whistling, rolled up her dark red cloak, when she was about to arrive at the new camp, Wei Taifei suddenly shook her head and fell down from the back of a horse Concubine Wei is ill.Sudden serious illness, vomiting and diarrhea, convulsions and fever, pale complexion, called the doctor several times a night, and finally Dr.Hu was almost stationed in her tent.The bee bee CBD oil disease is menacing, for many days in a row, I am afraid that it will not get better.The generals, big and small, came to visit one after another, but those who witnessed it CBD oil cause hives Holy Anointing Oil CBD all shook their heads secretly.

Yan Yin frowned Half a 7 benefits and uses of CBD oil CBD oil and inflammatory diseases year, half a year.But, this is not the most important thing at the moment Yan Yin turned around abruptly, and Master Kou lifted diamond CBD oil coupon the drooping Eyelid, staring into his eyes, said slowly, The most important thing is military spending Wei s military spending is the most important thing Is it easy to support an army of 100,000 people does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD It is not easy to mobilize a large amount of materials among the people of Dayin, especially important military equipment such as salt, iron and arrows, which can be obtained by the Wei family.Not much sex.The only thing is to buy from the southern countries.In the south, Baiyue, Xiou, Annan, Jiaozhi and other large and small countries, some of which are vassals of the Great Yin, some are not, and even have a bad relationship with the Central Plains Dynasty, but those southern countries are rich in mineral resources three times a year.

If it is far away, but she is in Fanzhou, and now the North Fan Army is facing turmoil, she must ensure the safety of the Li family first.Shen Qing regarded rescuing the Li CBD oil sprouts market family as his duty, but unexpectedly, Li Zan also helped Wei a lot.Dingbian belongs to Fanzhou.The Li family and their son, especially Li s father, have Holy Anointing Oil CBD been stationed in the Fanzhou border guard for many years.This is the home of the Li family.Li Zan knows a lot of people in the North Fan Army, and the Wei family has dismounted one after another.It was very difficult for a while to be guarded by Qu Zanyi.During this time, Li Zan CBD oil for dogs dosage chart helped to provide a lot of information, and also made some efforts in the infiltrating camp.For Qu Zhanyi, this nonsense of the can CBD oil help with insomnia Li family had been thrown aside long ago, and it could be regarded as an accidental new path.

Shen Qing said oh , and stood for a while without knowing what to say.After a while, she pointed to the back tent.Go back, go to bed earlier.He replied with a smile.I see.So Shen Qing jumped back, stood for a while, and then went back.Compared to the time she walked out of the small hotel, she walked a lot more briskly, and her back was no longer unnaturally straight.Like a heavy burden removed, a lot of people come back alive all at once.Yan where can i buy CBD oil for dogs in store Changting listened carefully, brushing Da Hei s bristles all can you put CBD oil in tea the time, and after waiting for her to enter the tent, he dropped the brush and stood up.He Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect turned to look at the candlelit tent, and he was right again After brushing the horses, Yan Changting waited for Shen Qing s tent to do you refrigerate CBD oil turn off the lights before Yan Changting took his horse back to the handsome tent.

System Shen Qing Shen Qing What if there is another accident Holy Anointing Oil CBD Having experienced Yan Changting s incident, she knows too much how pitiful the so called uncertainty is The system embarrassed The precise Holy Anointing Oil CBD calculation at the time of the formation of the system consumes a lot of willpower, CBD oil for memory loss and it covers all the characters in the entire world in an instant, so there will be basically no surprises.But Yan Changting, it does not Knowing what was going on, it was also stunned at the time.Shen Qing smacked his mouth, That means, you can t see it The system whispered, The system is born with the power of the wish, when the wish is fulfilled, or the energy is exhausted, it will dissipate and return to the world.I hope the peak of power is only For a moment, it is the stored energy when the system is Holy Anointing Oil CBD generated, so the system energy is the most at the beginning, and it will only be used less and less after that.

Sima Chao avoided his heart, but failed to avoid the arrow.He bowed his head in disbelief and opened his eyes wide.Master Wang Huai, who was unable to stop him, let out a mournful cry.Sima Chao turned back suddenly.In the rainstorm, under the dark heavy armor and the bright red top tassel, Yan Changting s icy face.The warship finally pushed out, and with a bang , he fell heavily on the deck The moment when the news of Sima Chaobing s defeat came back.Zhang Yun laughed.He had a great laugh.Laughing and laughing, he knelt on the ground and cried bitterly, Mother Mother The author has something to say The old man actually still has trump cards.Fortunately, Yan Zai was cautious, and this time he finally got it all out.No more abuse, Axiu promises Sending you a be careful biubiu See you tomorrow, can CBD oil cause diarrhea in dogs Holy Anointing Oil CBD babies Chapter 80 This intense siege came to an end in the early morning.

[2022-08-05] Holy Anointing Oil CBD CBD oil benefits, can CBD oil help joint pain (CBD Oil For sleep) Holy Anointing Oil CBD how to make your own CBD bad effects of CBD oil oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD.

It can be seen that this Yang Kingdom How powerful the leader of the dark line is.When Shen Qing heard the words, she was looking forward to it for a while.Yan Changting s voice just fell, marijuana CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD and there was a rush of hooves, and in the night, a young man in a black cloak came quickly.The sound of the CBD oil for leash reactive dogs straight hemp CBD oil reviews hooves was swift and hasty, the somewhat irritable strong horse neighed continuously, the horseman turned over, the soap colored boots fell to the ground like the wind, rolled in like a gust of wind, the hood on his head was lifted, Little Master It was a night, there were lights on the courtyard gate and the corridor, and the yellow paper lanterns twirled in the wind.This man stepped into the courtyard into the darkness, and quickly walked out again.It s getting clearer.Shen Qing took a closer look, and couldn t help but groan in his heart This, this is holistapet CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD not Gao Zuoyi She quickly picked up the piece of paper and took a look.

Baoling is actually not very far from the defense line of the imperial army, only a Holy Anointing Oil CBD few hundred miles away.Recently, Yan Changting has been hesitating whether to start a war on the eastern front or on the western front.Both have their own advantages and disadvantages., don t hesitate, just choose the west line Then Baoling are CBD tablets as effective as oil was also secretly included as one of the key points of the attack.At that time, it will be unexpected and unprepared.Yan Changting got up and took out the military map in the large porcelain jar, unfolded it, and explained it patiently to Shen Qing.According to the geographical location of Baoling, it is not a place for military strategists to fight for it, but if it is taken down After leaving Xiyuan, they can form a large area with Ling Ying, and it will not be too late to go Holy Anointing Oil CBD back to Angzhou.

The ancients CBD nano oil also said that mother s, mother is the mother s colloquial language.Yan Changting was stunned for a moment, Well, in a few days, Mrs.Yu CBD full spectrum oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD will give birth to a bogeyman.Yeah.Yan Changting comforted don t be sad, we ll go to worship her together then.Okay.In a few days, it was indeed Yu s birthday, but Shen Qing didn t tell Yan Chang.The court is that this mother is not that mother.For Mrs.Yu, Shen Qing is not really sad.Unlike Shen Zhengsong and Shen Jun, Mrs.Yu died within two years after she came.Mrs.Yu does CBD oil tighten skin Holy Anointing Oil CBD was a very gentle and beautiful lady, and she was Holy Anointing Oil CBD also very good to her, but she was far from her mother.Well, it s still a little off.The mother in her heart, the mother, is only one person.But no matter how many times her thoughts turned around, Shen Qing didn t show it.Hearing what Yan Changting 3000 mg CBD oil benefits said, she showed a big smile, Okay Let s go together then.

Yan Changting has been thinking about it all the time, thinking of finding best topical CBD oil for muscle pain it for her whenever she has a CBD oil for soap making chance.This is the middle of spring when spring returns to the earth.The is hemp oil and CBD the same earlier ground berries and wild oranges have come out.The acid is sour, but at the moment when there is only dry food best CBD oil to buy in england and a little dry meat, this is a good thing.He Holy Anointing Oil CBD was not free himself, but he specially ordered someone to find it and bring it to her.Shen Jun had already entered the camp, beat CBD oil uk Shen Qing quickly brushed down the curtain in his hand, cut off her brother s eyes, and gave Zhang Yun a wink.Fortunately, Zhang Yun was no different.He conveyed the military order very seriously, and talked to a few people.Finally, he approached Shen Qing and does CBD oil help gout quietly handed her a small burden.Eh.Shen Qing secretly threw the small bag into the carriage and went back to eat.

However, soon, someone cal pure CBD oil ebay made a decision for him.Wang Qin lit the light a little, lifted the curtain and whispered to order dinner later, so as not to disturb Sima Chao s thinking, but after a while, a rush of footsteps broke the peace.It was Sima Chao s person, and he placed the eyeliner on Zheng Boyi and Yuan Mu s side one step ahead of the two s military orders.Veteran forces in the military and newcomers Sima Chao are surging, and Sima Chao is not inferior to the former two, but the two soon joined forces to Holy Anointing Oil CBD suppress the soaring momentum of Sima Chao, especially Yuan Mu, who is also the deputy commander Zheng Boyi is a bit fair, because he is old, but Yuan Mu is the original candidate to succeed the CBD oil acid reflux coach.How can he allow Sima Chao, a foreign relative, to snatch it Since the war started again, Sima Chao has been pushed out repeatedly, intentionally or unintentionally, and has always been can you cook with CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD in a secondary position such as the rear army of the East Wing.

After much deliberation, she still felt that only Concubine Wei was CBD oil uk Holy Anointing Oil CBD the most suitable.Because this old lady is not really broken.The two sat hugging their knees for more than an hour.Chen Yingyang came over anxiously and said that Concubine Wei had a fever.Wei Taifei sat in front of the stone wall, holding the half of the treasure map tightly Holy Anointing Oil CBD:CBD Effect in her hand, staring blankly at a certain point in front of her.Chen Yingyang didn t dare to come forward to disturb her.She sat can you cook with CBD oil Holy Anointing Oil CBD alone for half an hour in a daze, and suddenly burst into tears, shedding tears for a long time, slipped down, silently opened her eyes and looked at the top of her head.After a while, Chen Yingyang found out that she had a fever.Immediately it became hot, the fever persisted, and he fell does CBD oil get old Holy Anointing Oil CBD into a coma.He quickly boiled the water, fed her the anti inflammatory pills she carried with her, and applied physical cooling such as wiping her face and forehead.

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