Third Party Tested CBD Oil

Third Party Lab Tested All The Best carries the most nutritious dog and cat food brands, and the highest-quality toys and accessories for dogs and cats Though we have our own analysis equipment, we still have our products tested by a 3rd Party Laboratory. Also, learn how to read & interpret CBD Test Resuts!

Third Party Tested CBD Oil

Glenna’s CBD Best Oil Premium Products are derived now from NY & Colorado Hemp Farms since 2016. Glenna’s CBD offers Full Spectrum CBD (whole plant up to 0.3% max), Broad Spectrum (cannabinoids but 0% THC or THC Free) as well as Isolate (0% THC or TCH Free) products. Full spectrum (or “whole plant”) products contain CBD as well as terpenes and other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and 0.3% THC or less. Broad Spectrum contain various cannabinoids and terpenes but 0% THC. Isolates contains only CBD and 0% THC or THC Free.

Our products are cultivated using organic practices and solvent free raw materials for consistent, high quality CBD products from seed to sale. We use CO2 or organic ethanol as our extraction solvent and through our proprietary extraction rig, remove the ethanol, similar to actual alcohol distillation with water as a solvent. All raw materials that go into any of our products are all residual solvent tested prior to being formulated.

Third Party testing Certificate’s of Analysis (COA’s) are provided for all Glenna’s CBD Hemp Extract products (third party testing confirms free from visual mold, mildew, metals, toxins, pesticides and foreign matter).

Hemp seed oil or MCT oil are the “carrier oils.” Carrier oils dilute the concentrated CBD hemp extract to improve the taste of the product increasing the bioavailability of CBD. Bioavailability refers to how much the human body can process of a substance at a time, after which all the benefits are wasted (analogous to Vitamin C). MCT Oil (medium-chain triglyceride) is a fatty acid composed of a 6-to-12 carbon chain.

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The lab results also indicate which cannabinoids (cannabinoid profiles) were detected in the test and at what levels. Including cannabinoids CBD, THC, CBG, CBC and CBN. It also indicates the lack of visual mold, mildew and foreign matter as well as free of residual solvents such as propane, butane, pentane and other potentially dangerous solvents. In the Cannabinoid Profile & Potency section you can see the weight and concentration of each cannabinoid as well. The Max CBD in the product multiplied by the 30 milliliters that are in an ounce which indicates the total CBD in the product, per ounce.

CBD third-party lab test results

The products are all tested during manufacturing to ensure that all THC levels are less than 0.3%, and to confirm that all the CBD levels are exactly as stated on the packaging. Additionally, we verify these tests with third-party testing.

Access the third-party testing reports for each product here:

Wisely Standard Potency Full-spectrum CBD Oil for dogs and cats

Wisely Extra-High Potency Full-spectrum CBD Oil for dogs

Wisely Simply Flavorless Isolate CBD for dogs and cats

Wisely Extra-High Potency Simply Flavorless Isolate CBD oil for dogs and cats
Lot wiis36k60072121

Wisely Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Full-spectrum CBD Soft Chews for dogs
Lot EB33

Wisely Blonde Extra-High Potency Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs and cats
Lot BH58(A)

Wisely Coconut Oil with Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs and cats
Lot CD121(A)

Wisely Honey with Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs
Lot @BD21

Wisely Hemp Broad-spectrum CBD capsules with Terpenes for dogs

Wisely Organic Mango Butter Full-spectrum CBD Balm
Lot BD26(B)

3rd Party CBD Product Test Results

Our entire Tincture Line is USDA Certified Organic!

Organic Certification

Below you’ll find our product Test Results from the most reputable, experienced and trusted Cannabis Analytics Laboratory.

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Although we have our own in-house analysis equipment, which we use to test our flower, oil, and products. We still always have our products regularly tested by a reputable and trusted outside 3rd party Lab. This guarantees that you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

With Vermont Pure CBD, as our fundamental belief and commitment to serving our customers with complete transparency, you always get more than you pay for. All our products contain more CBD than stated on the label

Want to know how to interpret our CBD Test Results?

Let’s take a stroll through one of our products below. Hmm, how about that jar of 250 mg. CBD Honey.
When you click on an image, that particular products Cannabinoid Analytical Test results open in a new window. The heading of the page designates the attributes of the lab and the product/manufacturer.
Below that, you’ll see 3 columns in a pretty rainbow of colors.
– The “ID” column designates the specific cannabinoid.
– The “Weight %” column specifies the percentage of that particular cannabinoid that is in the product.
– The third column “Concentration (mg/g)” tells us how many milligrams of that particular cannabonoid is in one gram of the product.

Now, lets math it out and see how much CBD is in a jar of our 250mg. CBD Honey. We know that the contents of a Jar of our Honey weighs 175 grams (stated on the front of our product label). The third column of the Honeys test results report shows that there is 1.53 milligrams of CBD in every gram of our Honey. So if each gram of our Honey contains 1.53 milligrams of CBD and there’s 175 grams of Honey in a jar, that means there is a total of 267 milligrams of CBD in each jar – 175 x 1.53 = 267

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If we look at our 150mg. Salve Stick (bottom left corner), we can see that each gram of product contains 8.87 milligrams of CBD, and there is a total of 18 grams (0.62 oz) of product in the container. Thus, 18 x 8.87 = 159 milligrams CBD.

The 300mg. Tincture (top left corner), we can see that each gram of product contains 11.4 milligrams of CBD shown by the test results, and there is a total of 30 grams of liquid in the bottle. Therefore, 30 x 11.4 = 342 milligrams CBD.

In addition to CBD there is also a few grams of CBDV, CBC, CBG, THC, etc, not to mention the terpenoids shown on page 2 of the analytics report. If you look at the Total Cannabinoids on our Tincture test report (bottom of the third column in black text) – is reads 15.57 milligrams. Thus there is actually – 30 x 15.57 = 467 milligrams of total cannabinoids in our 300 milligram tincture (336 of which are CBD). Along with the terpenes and another 100 milligrams of lipids, flavenoids, antioxidants, enzymes, proteins, amino acids, simple and fatty acids is what makes our products a TRUE Full-Spectrum CBD Product and facilitates the entourage/synergistic effect.

When we say we’re True Full Spectrum, we Truly mean it!

You’re not going to get this from any Isolate, PCR, or “Broad-Spectrum” bulls**t based product, and probably not from the majority of Full Spectrum claiming companies out there. All of us here at Vermont Pure CBD use our products daily ourselves and we will never settle for less than the best, why should you.