What Is The Maximum Strength CBD Oil

High strength, super strength, ultra strength… with so many different types of CBD available, which one is best for your needs? Dr. Sarah Brewer explains. Ultra Concentrated, Full Spectrum CBD extract in organic, raw, cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Size: 30 mL (1 oz) containing 2400 mg of our Maximum Strength, full spectrum CBD formula Description: Produced from 100% Organically grown hemp Non-GMO No Pesticides, Herbicides, or chemical fertilizers CO2 extracted Made in th RSHO® MAXIMUM STRENGTH 10G PURE CBD OIL (4500MG CBD) RSHO® Maximum Strength Oral Applicator is our highest concentration full-spectrum CBD oil, containing 45% CBD per weight. RSHO® Maximum

What strength CBD should I take?

High strength, super strength, ultra strength… with so many different types of CBD available, which one is best for your needs? Dr. Sarah Brewer explains.

When you first start taking CBD, you’re usually advised to ‘start low and go slow’. This is because some people appear to metabolise CBD more slowly than others, and need only a low dose to notice an effect.

Gradually increase the dose if you need to; you may want to revisit your dose each week, for example, until you find a level that works best for you. The CBD dose at which you finally arrive will vary depending on the strength of the product, how you respond, and the reason you are taking it.

High strength CBD oil products

Those new to CBD will tend to start with a product that provides less than 10mg per dose. If you prefer to take a capsule, then a typical starting product will provide 6.4mg of a ‘high-strength’ oil in which CBD is blended with olive and hemp oil. If you are taking the product to promote general wellbeing, you may only need to take one of these – for example at night. When necessary, you can increase the dose to two or three capsules, spread at intervals throughout the day.

If you prefer to take drops, then a typical starting product will contain CBD infused into a carrier oil to provide an overall strength of, for example, 2.75%. This means that CBD makes up 2.75% of the total product and the other listed ingredients, such as hemp seed oil, make up the remaining 97.25%. The usual dose ranges from one to eight drops, up to three times daily.

For rapid absorption, hold the drops under your tongue for a couple of minutes before swallowing. If needed, the dose can be increased to the manufacturer’s recommended maximum (e.g. 25 drops daily) taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

If the maximum dose of a high strength product does not meet your needs, you may want to switch to a super strength product.


16x faster-acting than standard CBD

  • 10mg fast-acting NovaSOL® CBD per capsule
  • Liquid micellar technology wraps CBD oil in water-soluble spheres, to help absorption in the gut

Super strength CBD oil products

When it comes to super strength capsules, these usually provide 15mg CBD per capsule, and the recommended dose is one to two capsules taken daily with water. These capsules therefore provide a maximum of 30mg CBD per day.

A bottle of super strength CBD oil drops will typically contain a CBD concentration of around 5%. This means that CBD makes up 5% of the total product and the other listed ingredients, such as hemp seed oil, make up the remaining 95%. Because super strength CBD drops are more concentrated, you get a higher amount per drop.

A typical dose is one to seven drops up to three times daily, which you hold in your mouth for a while before swallowing. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s maximum recommended intake (for example, 21 super strength drops) spread throughout the day.

If you find that you need to take a lot of drops per day, you may prefer to switch to a more concentrated oil. Not only will this reduce the number of drops you need, it will likely save you money.

CBD Support Group

Want to know more about CBD and what it can do for you, from the people who use it?

Ultra strength CBD oil products

Ultra strength CBD oil drops are usually more than twice as potent as super strength drops and typically have a 10-11% CBD concentration. These are ideal for experienced users who want to increase their dose or take fewer drops or capsules during the day.

The disadvantage of some strong CBD products is that, the more concentrated they get, the stronger and more grassy they taste. You can get around this by choosing a product that is filter-clear: this produces a purified oil with a less strong taste.

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Adding a flavour such as peppermint will also help to ensure the CBD oil tastes pleasant. All Healthspan’s CBD drops products are filter-clear and peppermint-flavoured.

See our CBD information page for a comparison of Healthspan’s CBD products.

CBD Oil Drops 1,000mg

Highest strength, best value

  • Our strongest CBD oil
  • Lowest cost per mg in the Healthspan range
  • Peppermint flavour – no yucky taste

Does ultra strength CBD oil get you high?

No, CBD oil does not get you high. CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from industrial hemp plants that naturally contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive molecule THC, which is responsible for the ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ effects of marijuana.

Good-quality CBD supplements that are made to pharmaceutical standards contain only traces of THC. This will be confirmed by independent laboratory tests for each batch, as well as a certificate of testing provided via a clickable link on the manufacturer’s website.

What is the maximum dose you can take?

In the UK, the FSA recommends that CBD should not be used at doses above 70mg per day. 1

In any case, do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dose (such as 30mg per day for Healthspan’s CBD Oil Capsules 900mg) without talking to your doctor.

Watch points

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance on the dose and frequency of use of their product, as this guidance is based on the CBD concentration present. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dose except under medical advice and supervision.

If you have any medical conditions or are taking any prescribed drugs, always speak to your doctor before using CBD and check for interactions with your medication. If you are taking an over-the-counter medicine, ask your pharmacist’s advice. If they are unable to help, there is a useful drugs interaction checker which includes cannabidiol at drugs.com.

If you are subjected to drug testing, for example at work or because you take part in an elite competitive sport, it’s important to know that any CBD product can contain a trace of the cannabinoid THC. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned all cannabinoids except for cannabidiol (CBD). 2

A potential substitute for those worried about drug testing is the ‘CBD alternative’ PEA: Healthspan sells this under the name of Elite PEA+ Sport (which is also batch-tested for competing athletes).

Dr Sarah Brewer is Healthspan’s Medical Director and holds degrees in Natural Sciences, Surgery and Medicine from the University of Cambridge. Having worked as a GP and hospital doctor, Dr Sarah now holds an MSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey and specialises in nutrition. She is also an award-winning writer and author.

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Full Spectrum CBD oil – Maximum Strength 2400 mg (30 mL)

Ultra Concentrated, Full Spectrum CBD extract in organic, raw, cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

  • Produced from 100% Organically grown hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides, or chemical fertilizers
  • CO2 extracted
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • 3rd party tested
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Take one or more servings by mouth, once or twice per day or as directed by medical professional. For increased absorption, use sublingual (under the tongue) and leave for one minute before swallowing with water or other beverage.

It is always best to start low and gradually increase the dose till you achieve the desired result.

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A Life Saver

I originally bought Element Health’s CBD for myself during a time where I was going through debilitating anxiety – and I cannot tell you how much of a life savor this was. Within 5 minutes a wave of calm washed over me and my body loosened completely. The more incredible thing was when my dog (who is 16 now!) was diagnosed with sarcoma and we were given the option of putting her down then or taking her home to die. I remember hearing a podcaster talk about using CBD with his dog and thought, let me give this a try and so that has been a year and a half ago and there are days I am chasing after my dog.

Every night before bed

I use it every night before bed. It helps me relax and fall asleep. I also take 4 servings at a time.

Element Health

We use it every night as well and are so glad you are experiencing the same effects that we do! Thank you for sharing Ken.

Excellent for sleep

Great experience. Very helpful to calm my mind and body and help me feel rested the next day.

Element Health

We are grateful for this fantastic review and we are here for you and our Element family, always!

Fantastic product

This is by a million miles the best CBD I have tried! I have it ordered all the way to England as we do not have the same quality.

Element Health

You made our day Simon. We always strive to produce the most effective and clean CBD/Hemp bassd products on the market. To hear that you consider ours to be the absolute best out there, tells us that we are fulfilling our purpose!

Maximum Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I just switched from the lower strength to the max strength version. Using slightly more of a dose of the max vs lower strength and finding that it makes it hard for me to fall asleep and I’m getting poor deep and REM sleep. Using lower strength it worked great. Any idea why this is occurring? Would think that using more would work better.

Element Health

Thank you for sharing. We emailed you directly with detailed info on why this is occuring as it’s primarily related to the dosing/concentration. It sounds to me like you found your sweet spot in terms of dose. Many people believe that if they take some and feel great that taking more would only increase those effects. However that is not always the case with CBD/Full spec oil. The Max and Original are identical in every way except the Max is more concentrated. This means only difference with your dosing now vs with the original, is that you are taking more. The Maximum Strength is approximately 3x more potent on a drop per drop basis and is also very appealing because it is more cost effective. There are trace amounts of T and other cannabinoids, and you may be taking just a little too much which is causing a drop in those Rem stats. Those trace amounts are fantastic and work synergistically, creating the entourage effect. However, higher and higher doses can mean you are no longer taking trace amounts. It’s also a great idea to check your stats over the course of 2 weeks. Many times we have temporary situations or experiences (that can be personal or work related) that negatively impact our sleep. These bouts of stress can take time to diminish, but it demonstrates the importance of our sleep hygiene and using CBD oil in conjunction with positive sleep habits.


RSHO® Maximum Strength Oral Applicator is our highest concentration full-spectrum CBD oil, containing 45% CBD per weight. RSHO® Maximum Strength is a blend of our RSHO® Green and Gold oils, with 225 mg of CBD per serving this product is perfect for people looking for a high concentration of CBD along with the added advantages of using our full-spectrum oil. Containing 4500 mg of CBD per 10-gram applicator RSHO® Maximum Strength is the highest potency product we have available.

HempMeds new branding is currently taking place. When placing an order, please consider the image on the website and packing could vary.

Total CBD 4500

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  • Additional information



RSHO® Maximum Strength Oral Applicator is our highest concentration full-spectrum CBD oil, containing 45% CBD per weight. RSHO® Maximum Strength is created by blending our unadulterated RSHO® Green Label raw CBD oil and our RSHO® Gold decarboxylated and filtered CBD oil into one incredible blend, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their CBD (cannabidiol) supplement.

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Each 10-gram tube of RSHO® Maximum Strength contains a total of 4,500 mg of CBD, providing a hefty 225 mg of CBD for every half gram serving. This is far and above the highest levels of CBD per serving of any of our products.

RSHO® Maximum Strength isn’t just a way to get high levels of CBD each day. It is also a great source of CBDa, or cannabidiolic acid, an all-natural cannabinoid found in raw cannabis. CBDa, the acidic precursor to CBD, has demonstrated an array of natural health benefits that many families rely on.

RSHO® Maximum Strength is also available bundled in a 3 or 6 pack, helping you save by buying in bulk.

Benefits of RSHO® Max Strength

RSHO® Maximum Strength is an all-natural, full-spectrum botanical extract of the hemp plant that enhances the body’s own systems to optimize performance and improve wellness.

Offering 45% CBD by weight, RSHO® Maximum Strength supports the endocannabinoid system, our self-regulatory network tasked with keeping the body and its functions in balance. CBD, an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid, stimulates endocannabinoid system receptors throughout the body to encourage its efforts to achieve and maintain homeostasis.

RSHO® Maximum Strength is the ideal concentrated CBD oil supplement for anyone who relies on a high concentration of both CBD and CBDa.

This thick full-spectrum CBD oil concentrate product also contains a number of dietary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and other trace cannabinoids, to promote overall health and wellness.

How to Use RSHO® Maximum Strength

Most of our customers use RSHO® Maximum Strength by first dispensing the oil onto a spoon and then placing the oil under the tongue. By holding RSHO® Maximum Strength in the mouth for a minute or more, the oil’s CBD and other active compounds diffuse through the mouth’s mucous membranes for quick absorption.

RSHO® Maximum Strength can also be taken orally and ingested. You can add RSHO® Maximum Strength to your favorite fresh or already cooked foods before eating. You can also dispense your CBD oil into an empty capsule and take as you would any pill.

Every 10-gram tube of RSHO® Maximum Strength is carefully packaged in a convenient oral applicator with clear measurement markers and a plunger system to make dispensing consistent daily servings simple.

To preserve the freshness of RSHO® Maximum Strength, it is recommended that you store your oral applicator in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.

Quality and Safety of RSHO® Maximum Strength

RSHO® Maximum Strength is sourced from our unique variety of all-natural, non-GMO, high CBD hemp, just like all our CBD products.

Our generational farmers in the Netherlands combine centuries-old techniques with innovative new developments to grow our hemp plants without any use of potentially dangerous pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This not only protects our customers, but it preserves the health of local ecosystems around our farms.

After harvest, we use a food-grade CO2 extraction process to extract high concentration CBD oil from our hemp plants. The CBD oil concentrates in RSHO® Maximum Strength are then tested for both consistency in their cannabinoid content and safety from contaminants by an ISO certified third party laboratory in the United States.

Our Triple Lab Tested® process examines the CBD oil used to make RSHO® Maximum Strength three separate times throughout manufacturing to guarantee that it contains the correct amount of CBD and that it’s safe to use by you and your entire family.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.1 × 7.8 × 1.45 in


Ray Conklin (verified owner) – March 12, 2020

I can sleep all night. My friends say I seem to be more calm.
The traffic does not bother me when I am driving my car.
I have become a courteous and defensive driver.

Kandis L Keys (verified owner) – November 30, 2019

Best product available on the market today!

Kandis L Keys (verified owner) – November 21, 2019

The best product available!

Michael Kentner (verified owner) – November 12, 2019